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January 08, 2007

BCS Halftime Update

In the battle of strength vs. strength, Florida's defense is beating Ohio State's offense, like a freakin' drum.

I thought it would be a low scoring game. It's halftime and they've already gone over the over.

I actually like that Tressel went for it on 4th from their own 29, but they should have converted.

I thought FL's kicker sucked. Who's that dude?

I don't think the game is over though. If it was the NFL, yes. But this is college, and that's what I love about NCAAF. Anything can happen. (Such as sucky Florida whooping OSU, I guess.)

The OSU band is playing "My Heart Will Go On?!" Ouch, the irony!

Third Quarter Update:
FL's on the 2 yard line. That's it, I'm done. This game's too boring to sit through the rest. OSU did not show up tonight. Congrats to Florida. I guess the BCS worked, though I still would rather have seen SC play for the title.

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YOO HOO Casca, where are you? You were such an insufferable sore winner all year you are really going to have to eat some shit now!

First: Your teams suckage pisses me off because I HATE Floriduh.

Second; 41-14? and they even spotted you the first seven points! What was that?

third: Don't give me any crap about Ted Ginn being hurt. So what, If Texas' Qb hadn't got multiple concussions they might have played in a bcs game, but thats all shoulda woulda coulda.

What's up with Mr. Sweatervest, did he not prepare them? Oh well, suc-eyes, better luck next year.

Posted by: kyle8 on Jan. 8, 2007

Damn Kyle, does getting assfucked make you bitter? Tressel did not show up prepared, and I must say it's the worst coaching job I've seen from him since Penn State last year. My other guess is that Krenzel wasn't doing film study with Troy over the past month, like he was during the season. It really showed. That, and the left tackle was clearly paid off. I guess Boise State is numba one.

Posted by: Casca on Jan. 8, 2007

Kyle, don't you know how to let a person properly mourn?

Having nursed my wounds after UCLA took USC out of the BCS Championship, I was appreciative that no one here made a point of rubbing salt in the wound. Apparently your Mommy forgot to teach you manners.

So, who appointed you to be Chief Asshole today?

Posted by: shelly on Jan. 9, 2007

Thanks Shelly, but a Texan being an asshole? Who can imagine such a thing?

Posted by: Casca on Jan. 9, 2007

A very dull game after a very promising opening three minutes. I had Ohio State as my preseason number one, so I was rooting for 'em, but since we won the Holiday Bowl, I've been fairly content to be a non-partisan observer.

Cal will be in the 2008 Rose Bowl, playin' Wisconsin. USC and Texas will have a rematch in the 2008 BCS title game. And only four weeks until letter-of-intent day!

Posted by: Hugo on Jan. 9, 2007

Pete Carroll already has said that the incoming class is the best he has seen. That's going some, but he said it.

He will never go back to the Pros; he says that it is silly to go for one first round choice when he gets about 30 each year.

Posted by: shelly on Jan. 9, 2007

Shelly, Casca had it coming, his incessant crowing all year made it necessary.

Posted by: kyle8 on Jan. 10, 2007