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December 21, 2006

MNF Pick: Makeup Games

Since I had two unscheduled bye weeks lately (I was too lazy and/or forgot to post by game time) I've chosen two sure winners as makeup games.

The first is tonight's matchup between NFC North rivals Minnesota and Green Bay, both 6 and 8. Brett Favre's middle name has been "interception" every time I pick Green Bay, it seems. But the key facts are these: 1) Minnesota is starting a rookie QB at Lambeau Field; 2) Favre is 40 and 5 at Lambeau when the temperature is below 35, as it will be tonight; and 3) this could be Favre's last home game in his career. Green Bay is favored by 3½ points and I say they will cover.

The next sure thing is Saturday night's game between AFC West rivals Kansas City and Oakland. The Raiders have given up on football this year. They have zero pride. I've never seen a professional sports team that cared less about anything. Plus, Al Davis wants that high draft pick so he can squander it yet again. Just lose, baby. Oakland is only a 6½ point underdog, but the opening line was 3½. I'd be surprised if even 3 people took Oakland with only three points. They'll lose by at least two touchdowns. This should be a slaughter and KC will beat the spread easily.

Parlay these two and laugh at the suckers later.

Update: Fuckin Favre, did it to me again!

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I was doing great in fantasy and now I am in the playoffs, but my luck holds true and three of my best players are injured.

I will be in hog heaven these next few weeks because of all the good bowl matchups. College is just a more exciting product than the No Fun League and their myriad silly rules and unneeded play stoppages.

Posted by: kyle8 on Dec. 21, 2006

I was dragged out to see Borat last night, and given a ration of shit for not talking to HER in the cocktail lounge, but watching the game while waiting for the movie. Sure looked cold there. What's that like? LMAO, I laugh at the suckers everyday.

BTW, if you haven't seen Borat... gut-bustingly hilarious. I haven't even heard people talk about the best parts, and what's that punkass bitch Kid Rock complaining about? He didn't know about "The Movie"?

Posted by: Casca on Dec. 22, 2006