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December 19, 2006

A Hero You Should Know

Imagine what this nation would be like if the media replaced all their stories about starlets behaving badly with stories about women like Sgt. Kristi J. Artigue.


“I’ve always been a risk taker,” said Artigue, 23, now a medic with the 141st Medical Company [Connecticut Army National Guard].

On Nov. 10, Artigue called upon the skills learned during her six years of National Guard service -- including a recent deployment to Iraq -- to help save the life of a man who may have drowned.

. . .

“Tom,” a middle-aged man, had suffered a seizure and fallen into a section of the West River. Unable to swim, he struggled to remain above the surface with the help of several civilians and two West Haven police officers. The chain was trying to hang on until the local fire department rescue crew could arrive . . .

Then the life-defining event happened.

“He let loose,” said Artigue, “and went under for one or two seconds. Long enough to know he wasn’t going to be coming up again. And he was moving out farther from the shore toward the center of the river.”

At that point, Artigue let her training take over. The nursing student and Iraq War veteran jumped into the freezing water and swam out about ten feet to where Tom was struggling for air.

“It was too cold to talk,” said Artigue, “but I grabbed his vest and tried to keep him above the water. He grabbed a hold of me and started to pull me down with him, but I was able to drag him by his vest to shore.”

. . . On a cold November day, coming out of cold, moving water, communication was difficult, but Artigue was able to keep Tom talking and conscious until emergency crews arrived.

I am continuously amazed at the quality of people who volunteer to serve our country. Swift water rescue is a very dangerous business. I know I wouldn't have jumped in there.
A future trauma nurse, Artigue plans to use her experiences in the Guard and in Iraq to save as many lives as possible.

“Since Iraq,” she said, “I’ve learned to adapt and overcome. I saw what was happening and I had no option but to get involved because of not only my medical training, but also because of my personal responsibility.

“I will always appreciate my military experience. It’s something I would never give up,” said Artigue.

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Another truly top notch serviceperson! I wish I had half the courage.

Posted by: Mike C. on Dec. 20, 2006

Makes up for how many brown people Chimpy sent her to kill for Halliburton?

Posted by: Mr Blade on Dec. 20, 2006

You cocksuckers always see EVERYTHING as a zero sum gain. Another Will/Strawfuck sock, begone fucktard!

Posted by: Casca on Dec. 20, 2006

Mr. Blade, if I ever run into you, I'll castrate you and then forcibly fuck the wound like as if you're my menstruating bitch.

Posted by: Spanky on Dec. 20, 2006

she is a medic you idiot.

Posted by: annika on Dec. 20, 2006


I can see why Annie chose that epigram now.

Posted by: reagan80 on Dec. 20, 2006

Only assholes can try to turn this type of heroism into shit.

It is amazing to me how many other idiots follow this line. Just hating Bush makes you want to lose the War on Terror? What don't you understand about the fact that they all want to KILL YOU?

This is not Vietnam; they were here killing us way before we went to the Gulf, and but for Bush, they'd be here now. They will follow us home.

We need to stop this political correctness and start showing them who is boss. Start with killing fuckers hiding in mosks during Ramadan. It will send the new message.

Posted by: shelly on Dec. 20, 2006


Your are delusional. 5 years, 5 hundred lies and mealy mouthed shuffles and you still believe we are fighting terrorists? We are not and they would have been here now or in the future had they wanted to be or not if they got caught as plenty were prior to 911.

We have spent 500 billion, killed 100 thousand, damaged a country beyond repair and have achieved NOTHING! Not one fucking thing other than draining our coffers and then watching it bulge the pockets of a few corporations with their dicks up Chainey's ass. There is no effective government, no support for any government, internecine warefare that we cannot stop, rebuilding they we cannot effect because of security issues and corruption, and you think this was a good fucking plan and an effective promotion of Americas might, and a wall erected against terrorists? This is what you call a stunning response to the anger and rage of 911? And you, dear deluded man, are content to see it continue and to watch this chimp says shit like "when I said we were winning I meant we would be soon or ought to be, or something like that..... " That man is your leader? You've got some pretty low standards, pal, law degree or not, you are out of your mind, just plain delusional. Why the reporters don't just turn their backs on this asshole and walk out of the room laughing is a mystery to me.

This soldier did a great thing. Not because she was a soldier but because she was brave person. Soldiering didn't change or give her a good character her parents did. I, who you know would not serve, have also jumped into the surf and rescued a drowning man 200 yards out at the Jersey shore. And I never wore a uniform. Go figure. You just do the things that need to be done. Or you don't. Let's not get nuts about what a soldier is or is not. The are brave and they commit rape, they are heroic and they torture not to mention murder their enemy.

Posted by: strawman on Dec. 20, 2006

Straw, you manage to go miles out of your way to miss the point. For every one rape there are thousands of good acts that go unnoticed by perpetual pessimists like you. For every one act of torture there are untold acts of mercy. This has been the pattern since the days of Washington, and if you would actually study history instead of your stupid talking points, you'd understand that.

And killing the enemy in combat is not murder. Grow a brain. And pick some other forum to drag down; Anni had done nothing here but point out the heroism of one brave soldier, one who stated that her service gave her the tools to commit her act of heroism. It's more than just thought or personality, it's experience, and service did enable her to reach the full potential of her good nature. Which is obviously something the eternally negative like you refuse to understand. Anyway... Anni was doing nothing here but positive commentary, it's you and Blade making the ignorant comments.

Go away. Display your stupidity elsewhere.

Posted by: ElMondoHummus on Dec. 20, 2006


Killing your enemy in combat is not murder, but, and it is a rare occurance, we have cought some soldiers killing civilians and captured resistance fighters for other purposes and trying to cover up the crime with the details of battle. I know it is rare and I have no doubt that our army is a civilized bunch of killers acting out the wishes of their officers, but it is also true that the whole affair is tainted and so much blood has been spilled with no benefit returned to ANYONE! Our nation or theirs and since it was all predicated on lies and ulterior motives you might, in a more moral climate call the whole thing murder.

She stated that the service gave her the tools: strength, swimming maybe, some medical knowledge, and confidence. It did not, however, make her the type of person who risks life and limb to save another. that, Elmundo, came to her far earlier in her life. I take nothing away from her and do not wish to drag any discussion of her heroism down.

My other comments were directed at those, like Shelly or Casca in the amen corner, who still think there is an ass to kick and that others should die on their behalf trying to do it.

Posted by: strawman on Dec. 20, 2006

Casca, remind me why we bother to dialogue or engage with these fools. They don't deserve the freedom we provide.

Col. Nathan Jessep was right.

Posted by: shelly on Dec. 21, 2006

Yes Shelly,

When logic fails ya and and your gravitas won't pull you through go with the ramblings of a psycho killer.

Posted by: strawman on Dec. 21, 2006


You are full of shit if you think she would have dove in the water without the training she had received from the military.

The American response to the Boxing Day tsunami alone is the proof of the good of the military and the training it provides the individual who would have to join an emergency service organization to come close to what the military offers. No other organization can pull off the good things they did - no one but the American military.

I understand your myopic, pessimistic point of view, I used to have it. The I joined the Marine Corps and found out how wrong and stupid that point of view is.

"No better friend, no worse enemy."

Posted by: jcrue on Dec. 21, 2006


I did not doubt the value of her training and I am sure you are correct that that trainng has proven to be very helpful around the world. I don't know where you see something pessimistic about what I have written. I only quibbled with Annika's wide eyed declaration about how wonderfull the people are that join the military based on such slim data. This gal might be a great swimmer who, unbeknownst to Anni and you, smacks her kids around when she gets angry. And I used myself as an example. I have jumped in as she did, and if you were to ask Casca or Shelly, would not get high marks in Americanism since I would not kill VietCong in a fabricated war like Iraq.

So, let's tone down the bullshit, admit she did something heroic, and leave it at that.

Posted by: strawman on Dec. 21, 2006