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December 12, 2006

Happy Frank's Birthday

Youse guys know what today is?


That's right, it's Frank Sinatra's birthday. I plan to celebrate by watching Tony Rome. Here's a funny scene from that movie.

If you want music, here's a clip of Frank in his prime, with Quincy Jones leading the orchestra.


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Good stuff as usual Annika. These cats really enjoyed entertaining people and they were great doing it.

Posted by: Mike C. on Dec. 13, 2006

"They specialize in pussy that won't smile."

Funny. Sounds like a marriage counselor.

Posted by: DBrooks on Dec. 13, 2006

Love the Tony Rome series, but I celebrated with Pal Joey & Come Blow Your Horn. Jill St John is hawt, but Kim Novak is STEAMIN'!

Posted by: Casca on Dec. 13, 2006

I could appreciate his music, his acting which was pretty good, and the fact that he was the first American pop superstar.

But having said that, I have to say he was a bit overrated. Dean Martin had a smoother voice, Tony Bennett had a better voice. And Eddie Fischer could move you to tears.

His blustering tough guy persona was a bit overdone also. Although I am sure he got a lot of goombahs stuck on meathooks in his day.

Oh well, I did love Von Ryan's Express.

Posted by: kyle8 on Dec. 13, 2006

Get your ears checked.

Posted by: Casca on Dec. 14, 2006

exactly. Kyle obviously needs to listen more closely.

Posted by: annika on Dec. 14, 2006

I been listening pretty regularly to the old crooners on XM radio, maybe you guys ought to listen again to some high quality recordings of Dean, Tony, and Eddie. I stand by my statements.

Posted by: kyle8 on Dec. 15, 2006


I agree with Kyle to the extent that I too think Frank's singing is overated. And he was willing to sing any piece of shit that came along. Rubber trees, for christ sake! His politics, on the otherhand started out fine and like his career degenerated into bullshit. Tony Bennett, for whom I have built some cabinetry, is not a favorite of mine either. Dean Martin is a second string if not triple A. I think Mel Torme can put a song over, and when he wasn't over produced, Nat Cole was sublime.

It is far simpler on the ladies side: there is Ella, and then everybody else in decending order.

Posted by: Strawman on Dec. 15, 2006

Oh, and let's not forget that Frank was a wife beater. That may endear him to Casca, but I think to the rest of us it casts a dark shadow on his life.

Posted by: Strawman on Dec. 15, 2006

Begone fucktard!

Posted by: Casca on Dec. 15, 2006


I think you must have a brain bleed.

Posted by: Strawman on Dec. 15, 2006