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November 13, 2006

MNF Pick, Week X

Tonight we have Tampa Bay at Carolina. Tampa Bay's record is 2 and 6. Carolina is 4 and 4. Ho-hum. I don't even plan to watch the game. I got a lot of DVR to catch up on.

The Panthers are heavy favorites, at 10 points across the board. Ninety-three percent of Yahoo! Pick'em users think Carolina will win. As always, the question is will they cover.

Note this information from ESPN's preview:

Carolina has held a fourth-quarter lead in seven games, and lost three of them. Overall, the Panthers have been outscored 104-42 in second halves and 77-30 in fourth quarters.

Said Smith after the loss to Dallas, "When we get up 14 points, sometimes we act like it's a hundred points."

This game is a great opportunity for the Bucs to improve their record. I'm still waiting to see last year's defense emerge. Tampa Bay has been a horrible first half team, and Carolina is a horrible second half team. I think it evens out, with Carolina winning, but not covering the spread. Last time these two teams met, seven weeks ago, Carolina won by two points.

Therefore, take Tampa Bay plus the ten points.

Update: Thanks Ronde. Way to cover your man. Grrrr.

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Just a freakin' minute there missy. Number ONE is going to stomp the wolverine shit out of number two, hehehe number two, on Saturday, and you've said nada. There are some bitches around here who need to be slapped. Did someone say Scof, who threw down his lunch money without even getting points on the Ann Arbor rodents? The line is -6 on the Buckeyes now. I plan to do my big betting at the end of the week after the rest of the retards and Buckeye haters beat that down to about -3. LMAO, three TD's is more like it! But idiots have money, and they must bet it.

Oh yes, and where is that Steer & Queer lover Kyle at? He like the longhorn hopes are gone with the wind, humiliated at the hands of Kansas Fucking State! Colt McCoy looked like a kid waiting for the "special" bus as he stood on the sidelines, lmao. Oh yes, they're MUCH better than when they played the Buckeyes. Keep repeating those words of affirmation, and we'll be looking for you in the Outback Bowl doing a rematch of last year with USC.

Cause now we're looking for Cal to produce a quality win on Saturday night against USC, so USC can thump the green dwarfs the following Saturday. That should get the top ten unfucked, except for those BEast teams. WTF let those losers in? Rutgers ranked ahead of Ohio State by the computers? Figures don't lie... but sometimes they fly in the face of reason. I guess Rutgers is as good as anyone to scrape off the bottom of our cleats in January.

Posted by: Casca on Nov. 13, 2006

i don't want to talk about it.

Posted by: annika on Nov. 13, 2006

Heh now, buck up, we need you guys to come through in the clutch here, not choke like UCLA. It's REALLY hard to have an undefeated season. Particularly if you don't own the officials and sportswriters like USC does. Cal needs to prove they're men first before they can be champs. They need to beat USC. Until then, think about this:

29:34 Time, out of 660 game minutes, Ohio State has trailed this season.

17:15 Time that Michigan has been behind.

329 Rushing yards allowed all season by Michigan.

21 Passes intercepted this season by Ohio State.

104-13 Ohio State's first-quarter combined score in 11 games.

86-23 Michigan's combined score.

24-24-2 Michigan-Ohio State series in last 50 years.

9 Unbeaten seasons ruined in past Michigan-Ohio State games.

5-8 Record of team coming in with the higher Associated Press ranking in
this series since 1993.

0 Previous Michigan-Ohio State games to feature No. 1 vs. No. 2.

1 Games in the last 40 years in which both Michigan and Ohio State came
into the game unranked (1987).

2,191 and 1,932 Passing yardage this season for Ohio State quarterback
Troy Smith and Michigan quarterback Chad Henne.

343 and 534 Passing yards all season for Ohio State quarterback Cornelius
Greene and Michigan quarterback Dennis Franklin in 1973, last time these
teams met as unbeatens. They didn't call those offenses "3 yards and a cloud
of dust" for nothing.

6 Losses Michigan had to Ohio State and Ohio State had to Michigan in the
13 seasons between 1968-80.

5 Losses Michigan and Ohio State each had to the rest of the Big Ten
combined in those 13 seasons.

1967 Last game not a sellout.

2-10-1 John Cooper's record against Michigan from 1988-2000.

4-1 Jim Tressel's record since taking over for Cooper.

Posted by: Casca on Nov. 13, 2006

OK, I've been on overload this week with clients, but here's my take: Casca has lost it. The water in Columbus is definitely tainted and he drank too much of it.

Cal is going to get a thrashing. We don't like them and they are coming to our house where we have not lost a game in five years. Plus, their star running back has ankles like Annika and cannot stay healthy. Plus, our defense has found its soul and gets better every game. Plus Booty has clicked with Jarret and Smith and they have it down pat. Six points is a steal; we'll be up three touchdowns by the end of the third quarter and putting in the fourth string.

We're gonna be in Glandale on January 8, folks, and we're gonmna take OSU and their Midwest crap and stuff them.

P.S. What ever happened to two paragraphs, Casca? Did you fall off your German Tricycle again without your helmet on?

Posted by: shelly on Nov. 14, 2006

That's my limit on reading, not writing. Mwahahaha, there's nothing I'll relish more than to see USC limp into Glendale with their dirty skirts.

Now perhaps you'd like to step up to the betting window, and put some of that hot air on the team you'll mostly likely face in Pasadena on New Years Day, Michigan. The line is -6.

Posted by: Casca on Nov. 14, 2006

The mere color blue is enough to turn me off; forget it. Why should I bet against the second best team in America playing about the fifth or sixth best.

No, I like OSU in this one; you guys need to be virginal for Glendale.

But, you are welcome to take six points and Cal if you like.

Posted by: shelly on Nov. 15, 2006

Bye the bye:

OSU is a full 7 points pal. Nice try.

Posted by: shelly on Nov. 15, 2006

Wow, what a Defense. Only gave up 39 points. Tressel must be very proud.

This game only proves one thing: You don't have to pay off the quarterback or a reciever or ball carrier to fix a game or shave points; you just need to get to the center.

Posted by: Shelly on Nov. 18, 2006