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November 08, 2006

It's A New Day

It looks like I was almost spot on with my Senate predictions. If things turn out as they look like they're headed, the only race that I will not have called will be Virginia, and that only by a couple thousand votes. So I think you all better start paying attention to me. ; )

Regarding the California ballot, the news this morning is particularly disheartening. Tom McClintock lost the Lt. Governor's race to John Garamendi. I like Garamendi, but McClintock was a solid guy, and very popular. I really thought he was going to win, but this is a Democratic year and he had an R by his name.

Jerry Brown is our new Attorney General. This guy is a disgrace. His opponent had some hard hitting ads, which sounded like they were made up because they were so outrageous, but in Jerry Brown's case, the attacks were true.

Our anti-Kelo proposition went down by five points. I don't think proponents spent enough money advertising that one, though.

All the bonds won, and the parental notification measure lost. No surprise there.

The only really good California result I can point to is that Cruz Bustamonte did not win the Insurance Commissioner job. (And no, I do not include Arnold's win as a good thing.) Oh, and Prop 87, the alternative energy referendum, also went down handily.

I have a post-election post in my head, which I've been ruminating on since last weekend. It's coming, I just don't have time to write it now. The working title of the piece is "I Blame Bush," so stay tuned.

A final note before I rush off to class, and I'm sincere about this. Despite yesterday's defeat, today is a good day.

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Annie, you were so kind to me in my bitter disappointment two years ago. I know that mix of frustration and resolve you feel now.

Let's take it out on Arizona, USC, and Stanford.

Posted by: Hugo Schwyzer on Nov. 8, 2006

During this excursion into the political wilderness, our guys will hopefully learn to stop acting like Johnson Democrats. I'm confident that the Cooch-eunuch...err...I mean...Kucinich Democrats in the House will self-destruct before 2008. Maybe Bush will finally start to veto some spending bills instead of being a damn Third Way-er.

Posted by: reagan80 on Nov. 8, 2006

Hugo, you bring a tear to my eye.

Yes, let's hope Cal runs the table too.

Posted by: annika on Nov. 8, 2006

Oh, Surprise, surprise! He dumped Rumnuts! How quickly two years go by.

Constently assessing, constently changing tactics, constantly assessing the objective.

Now I'll work with the democrats so that we can do big things for America.....together.

I thought we were gonna do fine yesterday......Shows what I know, heh heh.....

What a schmuck. Homer Simpson is more presidential

Posted by: Strawman on Nov. 8, 2006

The Jerry Brown thing scares me the most, I think, and there's not much margin for error left in California. You called him a disgrace, but I think that was being polite...

Posted by: Mike on Nov. 8, 2006

A state that would elect Jerry Brown deserves him. Fucking unbelievable.

With that said, the only liberal talk show I've ever listened to and actually liked was Jerry Brown's show. Weird.

Posted by: blu on Nov. 8, 2006