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November 02, 2006

I Heart Varifrank

Read and understand:

If you vote for Democrats in this election, you might think youre voting for a perfectly nice centrist Democrat, but the "Anti-war" wing of leftist thought will take that perfectly nice candidate that you voted for and use it as evidence that their side in the argument is actually perferred by Americans. Not the "centrist American" side, but the loathesome "We hate America" side. Your vote will be used to prove it.

They will take that protest vote of yours to argue "America is in descent", that our sins have finally caught up with us and we need to be sorry for all the evil we have done in the world, and look at all the people who agree with us! They will argue that fundamental changes in our country are necessary to make up for our crimes of the past, that our its our military is actually what causes wars, that people in the military should be prosecuted and they are what causes other people in the world to hate us and not our lovely and socially relevent "pop-culture".

. . . If Democrats are tossed yet another defeat this time, they will learn. They will get the message. They will remove the leech of "Anti-war" from their crotch and we might start to see Democrats like Harry Truman again. Democrats who don't apologize for America or being an American.

And that will be good for all of us.


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I'm playing "God Bless America" on the CD player. Off to read a couple of articles in National Review and I'll have my Church of Conservatism needs met for the week.

Posted by: Joules on Nov. 2, 2006

When the Democrats go down in flames in this election, I hope there is an another group that learns its lesson.

For the past three elections, MSM has manipulated the news, sabotaged our anti-terrorism efforts and attempted to destroy our economy. They have done all this to force left-wing rule down the throats of all Americans.

MSM has ignored falling revenues, cancelled subscriptions, decreasing viewers, and massive media layoffs. Maybe after losing three straight elections, MSM will join America again and just report the news.

Posted by: Jake on Nov. 2, 2006

absolutely, Jake!

Posted by: annika on Nov. 3, 2006

The Hate-America crowd will not be purged from the Demoncrat party until the Vietnam generation and their children are dead. It is an article of faith among them, that all who carried the burden of that war were ignorant murderers, rapists, and baby killers... you know, what Kerry said.

Don't worry, we might start whacking these NGCS's any day now.

Posted by: Casca on Nov. 3, 2006

"They will remove the leech of "Anti-war" from their crotch"

leech and crotch...hmmm...yes, yes he must be talking about Democrats ;)

...and looks like it will be Michigan-Louisville in Glendale for the BCS, whodathunk?

Posted by: Scof on Nov. 3, 2006

Wow! Did Michagoose already beat OSU? I musta lost track of the date - or the year.

Nah, I'm afraid BIG RED will be in Glendale, along with some once beaten team.

I'm also afraid that the best Michigan could possibly hope for is Pasadena, where once again, USC will hand you your ass and eat your lunch.

Posted by: shelly on Nov. 3, 2006

"It is an article of faith that all who carried the burden of that war were ignorant murderers, rapists, and baby killers... "

You said it Casca.

Now the Iraq invaders are the newest rendition of this noble American tradition.

Posted by: Strawman on Nov. 3, 2006

"Murderers, rapists, and baby killers" are criminals and are treated such in our military. Hopefully, Straw, you are not suggesting that our military in Iraq engages in this sort of behavior as a general rule. If you are, then you are both reprehensible and stunningly ignorant. There is no military in the world that does anymore to root out corruption and criminality in its ranks than does the US military.

The lie that this was common and accepted in Vietnam is just another Left-wing myth perpetuated by the likes of John Kerry and other America haters.

Posted by: blu on Nov. 3, 2006

The Dems will learn? I doubt it...

Posted by: Mike@CopTheTruth on Nov. 3, 2006

Loiusville for the nat'l championship, lol, that's a good one!

Posted by: annika on Nov. 3, 2006


We've had this discussion before. I am sure you know exactly what I mean. The cruelty in VN and the criminality of many. not most, many GI's is well known. Remember I am VN vet age, lost friends and relatives in this confilict, repatriated ABC News' vienamese employees to my home town, (my sister was in charge of ABC's camp Pendleton repatriation station where 4000 South Vietnamese employees were put up on the way to being place in jobs and given citizenship) I have some direct knowledge.

Posted by: Strawman on Nov. 3, 2006

As an archivist of Straw's BS, I'm getting a sense of deja vu again. I'm about as touched by his "compassion" towards South Vietnamese refugees as much as Macaulay Culkin was during a visit to the Neverland Ranch.

[Your blowing smoke out your ass. My sister worked for ABC news and was in charge of resettling the 3000 "dependents" as they were called, of the network. CBS and NBC had similar numbers. The network employees and their families were given some kind of automatic citizenship after Saigon fell since they would have been killed or imprisioned by the ARVN as traitors and collaborators. The networks gave them money and resources including job placement. I met many of them who were resettled in the NY area. These are the people you heard interviewed. You think they are an unbiased bunch? They lived well, benefitted from the occupation and sold out their country.]

BTW, from the same thread, Straw displays his sincere adulation for our veterans:


I guess the basic disagreement is that the N. Vietnamese were not our enemy until we invaded their country. Sort of like the Iraqi people who are fighting back now just like you would if your country were invaded. We are the most aggressive fucks the world has seen since the fall of the British Empire. I felt sorry for the people of Vietnam, all of them. We ruined their country and killed millions doing it. You no doubt helped and are still proud of it. You should try and get that off your chest. That is what Kerry did upon coming home. He had the courage to say the killing was a travesty bordering on the criminal; our government lied about the justification for war, and the plan, like Bush’s was a joke. You had the courage to kill in the course of invading a country that did you and America no harm and you have stayed ignorant of the history to this day. Who’s the dumb scumbag?]

-From Strawman's (formerly known as Mike) Greatest Hits, Volume 1

Posted by: reagan80 on Nov. 3, 2006

How the hell did I not know about this guy's blog before? I'm pretty damn impressed. He needs to get more pimpage!

Posted by: TBinSTL on Nov. 4, 2006

Varifrank's article sounds like the warning's of the strategist who thought up "Contract with America", a real life surprise pulled on the American people.

With Bush's and the GOP's abysmal poll numbers, even a "war president" and his cohorts won't have enough influence to stem the tide of change. We'll see if the Republicans take to whining, as they had complained the Democrats had done.

Being an independent before an election is like being at ringside seat at a title match. Pass the popcorn!

Posted by: will on Nov. 4, 2006

Hey Raygun,

He called you a pimp, for me no less! Terrific. I thank you for reposting my relitively well written but better reasoned posts. (get the invoice in for the archivist fee before the end of the year, OK?) They were to the point when I wrote them and have aged well as we have seen the wonderful progress of the Bush plan in the ME. (I think you mistook my sentiment about the South VN coming to the US. I, like the ARVN, felt them to be traitors and thought they should have stayed and been rehabilatated just as you my friend would have shot, I mean rehabilitated, a colonist in Boston who gave material and personal support to the British) Bravo for Bush. I certainly feeling good and way safer, how about you Ray? Feeling good? Feeling lees scared out of you runny underware? THe advances in limb and face reconstruction are great, the C-147's outfitted as ICU's are really something to see, and the boost to the wheelchair rugby and basketball leagues is pushing them closer to a contract with ESPN. I applaud it all. You too, right? ANd Blu tells me the wonderful economic tide that's flowing in here in the states will be rising Iraq's boats soon as well. New housing is just around the corner, Parsons is knocking out thoses hospitals and police stations like my mom's toll house cookies! Hezzbolla and Hammas are theowing in the towel and making lots of con cessions, the Saudi's are playing a big part too. They are exerting lot's of clout and sending peacemakers to twist a few arms. Condi's racking up frequent flyer miles and soon will take a few free weeks in Bali, and how about Rummy, boy he just keeps hitting them out of the park. Every new strategy he tries wow's em. PAcified Bagdad's ass didn't he? I hear they added ten square meters to the green zone and put up a new gaurd tower.

Gotta sign off before I run outa breath, Iraq is amazing! My kid is thinking of appling to the University for graduate work (poly sci major) and hthen might establish residencey since ther new democracy has such opportunity to do some good in the region. Amaazing! Gotta go, my palms are getting raw from the clapping.

Oh, the generals and Richard Perle? Fuckem what do they know!

Posted by: Strawman on Nov. 4, 2006