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October 30, 2006

More Tips For Voters

Don't like waiting in line? Here's an idea, idiots. Get to your polling place early.

Here's another idea. Vote absentee.

When I go to the Post Office and there's a long line, it doesn't mean I'm being discriminated against. It just means there's a lot of customers. And if I show up at the Post Office at 5:00 and they shut the door in my face, it just means that I should have got there earlier.

Another thing, idiots. If you can't figure out the ballot, fucking ask somebody to help you. Or study the sample ballot before you show up.

It ain't that hard. If voting is so important to you that you are ready to scream disenfranchisement at the drop of a hat, why not take the time to avoid problems by planning ahead.

Unless of course, crying fraud is part of your strategy for winning.

P.S. If you're one of the unfortunate voters who has to use one of these beasts, and you encounter problems, blame Florida and disregard the above. I've never trusted the idea of computer voting, its an example of knee-jerk overreaction to a nonexistent problem.

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Is California still using paper ballots? We've got e-voting in Maryland. There were so many problems with the machines during the primaries, Governor Ehrlich has recommended voters use absentee ballots ...which are, of course, in short supply.

And since the Governor is a Republican, the Democrats are screaming blue bloody murder he has recommended paper ballots.

Posted by: Victor on Oct. 31, 2006

Everybody has to vote! Even though he likes it or not. The vote is one of the most important human rights because it represents the man's capacity of deciding for himself. If the computerized voting system does not present the safety that we want..then let us change the system.

Posted by: Barcode Printers on Nov. 7, 2006