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October 25, 2006

My E-Mail From San Fran Nan

I got an e-mail from Nancy Pelosi today. No lie. I'm on some Democrat list, inexplicably. I thought it was a weird e-mail because it was titled "what we need to do," yet she pretty much avoided mentioning any of the key issues of the day. So much for a Democratic version of the Contract With America.

Here is the entire text of the e-mail:

Dear annika,

You know how high the stakes are -- so I'll get right to the point: there's never been a more critical time to highlight the priorities everyday Americans share.

Right now, working families suffer because corporate lobbyists write the laws. Our seniors can't get the drugs they need because the drug companies get everything they want. And President Bush continues to threaten one of our society's greatest accomplishments -- Social Security -- with his risky privatization schemes.

Congress needs to focus on an agenda that benefits the American people:

* Impose new rules and regulations to break the link between lobbyists and legislation
* Allow the government to negotiate with drug companies and fix Medicare Part D
* Stop Social Security and Medicare privatization plans in their tracks
* Raise the minimum wage to $7.25
* Cut the interest rates on student loans in half
* Roll back subsidies to Big Oil and gas companies
* Enact all the recommendations made by the independent 9/11 Commission

And that all needs to be done in the first 100 hours!

Working together, we will make that happen. Please help Americans United today:


There's a lot at stake in the coming weeks, but we must never lose focus on the task at hand: building a better country. Your work changes the national debate, raising awareness about the misplaced priorities of the current leadership.

Last year, Americans United led the national media campaign against Social Security privatization -- and won.

Now, with so much more at stake, will you help us win again?


Onward to victory.

Nancy Pelosi
Democratic Leader, U.S. House of Representatives

That's it?

(It's nice that the Democrats want to cut student loan rates in half, but if you can't afford 8% over thirty years with the almost unlimited deferment schemes available, something is seriously wrong with your post college career path.)

I'm sorry but that was a weird e-mail. It's weird because she said absolutely nothing about the big issues that people are arguing about the issues that are going to get people off their ass and down to the voting booth less than two weeks from now.

She said nothing about Iraq.

Nothing about the War on Terror.

Nothing about impeachment.

Nothing about tax cuts.

Nothing about gay marriage.

Nothing about abortion.

Nothing about crime.

Nothing about North Korea.

Nothing about Iran.

Nothing about the border.

The Democrats are either a party with no agenda or a party with a hidden agenda. Either way, they absolutely cannot be trusted with a majority.

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"Allow the government to negotiate with drug companies"

"Negotiate with" the drug companies? Probably more like "dictate to", in practice.

I also swoon at her non-solution to the fiscal black hole that is Social(ist) Security.

Yeah, I'm racking up a lot of debt on my college loans, but I'm not desperate enough to put that socialist hag's party in charge so they could wreck my prospects for keeping a decent post-grad job to pay off those very loans. The Dems are just going to enact policies that will sap the entrepreneurial ammo away from my potential employers.

Posted by: reagan80 on Oct. 25, 2006

ANNIKA IS A NAZI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: The Truth on Oct. 26, 2006

How right you are Annika. I'd be interested to know whether Nancy's retirement relies soley on Social Security or if she's invested in the Stock Market, like everyone else on Capital Hill. They've really run the propaganda machine on this one.

Posted by: Mike C. on Oct. 26, 2006

Let's see, the R's were out of power in the house for about sixty years. Most of my life I lived with a go-along-get-along R minority. Then came Newt. Nancy, you are no Newt.

Although it would be delicious to see fatboy Denny bounced, and the Princlings in the house made to bow and shuffle. Hell I even think the Republic could withstand the roll to port. It's not going to happen.

But if it does... just watch what the R's in the house will do to get back up on the porch now that they know they can do it. Before 1994, nobody believed that it could be done. This time there will be no allowing them to go with grace. They'll be running for their lives, and living in a basement somewhere.

Posted by: Casca on Oct. 26, 2006

Let's see, roll back the Bush tax cuts which costs me money, to lower the rate on student loans (consolidated at the lower rates.) Yep, there's a reason to vote for the Dems.

I'm sure the people who own drug company stocks (oh yeah, me again in my 401K) will be thrilled when they tank. Not to mention the poor folks who get some disease that might have been cured, had the drug companies been able to research it. Yep, good reason to vote for the Dems.

It's simply not bold enough. I want the minimum wage to be $200/hr - and $5000/hr for me. I want the Dems to impeach the Iranian and Kim, and Osama too. I want free cable TV, and a Lexus.

My vote can be had, but the Dems have to try way harder than this.

Posted by: MarkD on Oct. 26, 2006

if you can't afford 8% over thirty years with the almost unlimited deferment schemes available, something is seriously wrong with your post college career path. Like they didn't bother to take any classes in Economics, but found "enriching personal fulfillment" in Birth of a Poet (UC Santa Cruz)... This is the insanity that comes out of a party which tries to legislate worldwide economic markets. They don't know how to build anything, they have no engineering expertise - but they have many, repeated, failed attempts at social-engineering.

Posted by: DirtCrashr on Oct. 26, 2006

A roll to port; are you nuts?

We need to stay on a starboard tack and keep those lubbers eating our foul wind.

No mercy.

Posted by: shelly on Oct. 26, 2006