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October 20, 2006


Original content be damned. I'll just post more YouTube!

I heart Uncle Jimbo!

h/t Beth and Linda

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Yet another frenzied rant by a Faux News dittohead. You could do much better, the Country certainly will...

Posted by: will on Oct. 21, 2006

You go, Jimbo!!!

Support our troops; wear red on Fridays!

Posted by: shelly on Oct. 21, 2006

Sure, Will, it was vulgar; but, it was also spot on accurate.

What's "Faux" news got to do with it? You still living in your Through the Looking Glass world where Fox is more biased than, say, CNN (with its decision to run propoganda tapes sent by the enemy, and its ongoing policy of propping up Dems at every chance) or the Associated (with terrorists) Press and their fake photography meant to prop up the enemy and its supporters?

BTW, what are you going to say when Nov 3rd comes and the Reps are still running both the House and Senate? I can't wait to listen to the Lefties howl about voter fraud and stolen elections: basically, the same crap they do every election cycle. (As I predicted some weeks, the MSM is already starting to run interference for Dems with stories about how voting machines might not work; and how the lines might be long; and how new laws might discourage voters. Blah, blah, blah....

Posted by: blu on Oct. 24, 2006