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January 30, 2008

Don't Forget...

With Edwards out, its a lot easier now for Al Gore to make his endorsement. And he hates Hillary. Expect an announcement soon that will be bigger than the Kennedy coup.

P.S. I will be giving my first opening statement in about one hour. I'm ready. If you happen to be on my jury, vote for me (but don't tell anyone I told you to.)

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January 24, 2008

Useless SWA Blogging

It used to be "ha ha suckas, I'm in group A and you're all losers!" Now some idiot has changed the rules and I can only go, "haha suckas I'm in group A, number 20!" meaning there are still 19 people who I am not better than, which sucks.

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If Anyone Was Wondering If You Can Blog From The iPhone The Answer Is Yes

Some say that when traveling one should never pass a restroom without stopping. I however, subscribe to the belief that one should never pass a Cinnabon counter without stopping.

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January 17, 2008

Tom Petty's Los Angeles

The L.A. Weekly has a cover story on Tom Petty's Los Angeles, complete with a map of several important Pettyania locations. Interesting, but I always complained that Petty, who moved here from Florida in 1974, was somewhat mistaken about the geography of his adoptive home. Exhibit A is the following line from the hit "Free Fallin':"

It's a long day living in Reseda,
There's a freeway runnin through the yard.
Um no, that's inaccurate. There's no freeway in Reseda. Check Google maps; the closest freeway is US 101, which goes through Tarzana, but not Reseda.

Next I'll take on geographical inaccuracies in the screenplay for The Karate Kid.

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January 14, 2008

Little Known Legal Maxims

Blogus et billabae horae non mixerae est.

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