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September 01, 2006

67th Anniversary Of Case White

Today is the 67th anniversary of the beginning of World War Two in Europe. As you should remember, it began with the German invasion of Poland, which the Wehrmacht codenamed "Case White." (DANEgerus also reminds us that the Red Army invaded from the east sixteen days later.)

I think it's especially appropriate to pause today and think about that fateful moment in 1939, which led to the death of so many millions.

Many folks have noted that our situation now is not unlike the time before that first panzer crossed the Polish frontier. I'm one of them. I see the failure of our international institutions and the blindness of so many prominent figures and I think of the League of Nations, Chamberlain, Lindbergh, and Coughlin.

There is no cosmic law that says we can't re-ignite the horrors of World War Two for a new generation. The United States lost 293,000 brave men to the conflict, but almost zero civilians. We had it lucky. We were the saving heroes from across the water in that war. We won't be so lucky next time.

The bill from the last world war was staggering. Twenty-five million Soviet citizens, fourteen million Chinese, seven million Germans, six million Poles, two million Japanese, and on and on.


If you were a European Jew, a Philipino, a Chinese or Russian peasant, even a lowly German or Soviet conscript, your life was a hell in the 1940's. All because a handful of world leaders could not, or would not, stop the juggernaut of fascism.

The atrocities were so numerous, we've given them names: Bataan, Auschwitz, Malmedy, Nanking, Dachau, Katyn Forest, Lidice, Treblinka, the Burma Railway, and on and on.

We must also remember the unimaginably horrible deaths from new techniques of killing developed for the war by our side, and used at Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Dresden, Tokyo, and on and on.

There are those who say we are on the precipice of World War Three right now. Others say it started five years ago. I am not going to argue with either viewpoint. Nor will I end this post with a pollyannish "don't worry, our leaders have things under control."

Because even if we were blessed with the greatest of statesman, which we're not, I don't know that it will be possible to avoid another trial of war brought upon us by evil men.

Some people insist our current enemies are not dangerous, or if they are, they're not evil. I'm at a point now where I don't think that argument matters a whole lot. Our enemies have their own agenda, and they will settle the issue in their own time. And we will have to fight them whether we're ready or not.

I looked up at the sky last night and saw a fiery meteor burn across the horizon. It was scary, though I knew it was no bigger than a coin. It made me think about how wise we think we are, yet how much there is we don't know. I wonder if there are intelligent beings who have been watching us these past hundred years. How they must laugh at our folly.

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Casca's right; you gotta stop posting while stoned.

By the way, writing briefs in that condition is not recommended, either.

Posted by: shelly on Sep. 1, 2006

LMAO, and here I came to post something serious... In the words of Emily Latella, "nevermind".

Posted by: Casca on Sep. 1, 2006

I on the other hand think that Annika's post was excellent, and she is correct in stating that today's Europe is similar to 1930s Europe.

Today we see an alarming rise of anti-semitism in Europe. The violence against Jews, Jewish schools, and Jewish businesses is done today by Moslem gangs rather than Nazi ones. Governments are suppressing news of the violence today just as they did in the 30s so that the perpetrators are not offended.

The leaders of Islamic fascism speak daily on their goals of destroying European culture and their governments. Just as in the 1930s, government officials are ignoring those speeches partly because they don't believe the threats but mostly because they are scared of retaliation by the Fascists if they speak out.

The 1930's had Churchill who continually warned Europe about the threats but he was ignored because he was out of power. We are fortunate today that the leader who recognizes the threat is now in power. However, just as Churchill was ignored in Europe, Bush is today.

Posted by: Jake on Sep. 1, 2006

"Some people insist our current enemies are not dangerous, or if they are, they're not evil. I'm at a point now where I don't think that argument matters a whole lot."

Our friend, Keith Olbermann, in a response to Rumey's comments earlier in the week, attempted to use the example of WWII as an argument against the administration, comparing Bush's response to Islamo-fascism to Chamberlain's response to Hitler. (Don't even try to figure it out - you'll get a headache.) In was truly one of the most asinine and truly ignorant monologues I've ever heard. Is there a dumber person on cable who does a (supposedly) serious show?

So, when you are dealing with a Left that is so overwhelmingly ignorant and foolish, I guess you are correct not to worry about arguing. These people won't get it until its too late anyway.

Posted by: Blu on Sep. 1, 2006

This is a nice post

Posted by: Scof on Sep. 1, 2006

I linked this, and have a long post on the reactions of the British and French governments to the invasion, here.

Posted by: david foster on Sep. 1, 2006

The open war with Islam is coming and WWII will look like a picnic compared to bloodshed that is about to happen.
My wish for a peaceful life for my teenage daughter, will not come true. She will knew the horrors of war, upclose. I will learn these horrors alongside her.

Posted by: Marvin on Sep. 1, 2006

Annika, your thoughts about the fiery meteor reminded me of a Chris de Burgh song:

And when I see a shooting star go flashing in the night,
I often wonder if some other beings also see the light,
And are they picking up our signals,
As they spin of into space,
Until the final act is over,
Until every man has spoken,
Until every summer's gone,
Until every battle's done,
Until the day,
Transmission ends, transmission ends;

Posted by: david foster on Sep. 1, 2006

Blech, I've got a signal for you. I poop on your poetry. Is that sophistry, or simply banal ass-kissing. Blech!!

Posted by: Casca on Sep. 1, 2006


..were those thoughts directed toward me, or toward Chris de Burgh?

Posted by: david foster on Sep. 2, 2006

What. Ever.


Posted by: Um Yeah on Sep. 2, 2006

I have enough poop for both of you.

Posted by: Casca on Sep. 2, 2006

Only in the throes of deep narco therapy can one contemplate the immense escapism fostered by our MSM and accepted by about half of our population.

We are in the midst of WWIII no matter how you look at it. Some say it's been going on for five years or so, others say it is beginning, but there is no denying it is here and now, for those who understand the serious threat of Islamofascism.

We'll find out in early November if the silent majority that has continued to give the GOP a majority for the past few years since the Gingrich Revolution will stand fast or give way to the bleeding hearts. If they do give way, G_d help us all.

Annie is right; it is just the way she argues with herself out loud that leads us to believe that "In vino veritas" has new meanings since the 60's.

Posted by: shelly on Sep. 3, 2006

I figure it's been going on since the Iranian Embassy fiasco and the unlamented Jimmy Carter presidency. We've only begun to fight back and there is a long list of payback due...

Posted by: MarkD on Sep. 5, 2006