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August 04, 2006

Jeopardy With Annika, Round 16

Shelly, Leif and Tuning Spork are tied for the lead with $700 each; D-Rod and Law Fairy have $500 each; Maximum Leader and KG have $300 each; Matt of Overtaken By Events and Trint have $200 each; Drake Steel, TBinSTL and SkippyStalin have $100 each. There is one Daily Double left.

The category is "American Skankwomen," for $500. Let's do another video clue.


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Rubric: Dumb-Ass Quizzes


Who is Shay Todd?

Posted by: Victor on Aug. 4, 2006


Who is Paris Hilton?

Yeah, believe it or not, before she was a skankwoman she was a designer.

Assuming I'm right (and I, along with KG, now despise the rules grrrr...) I'll take Dicks for $100.

Posted by: Tuning Spork on Aug. 4, 2006

On second thought, I'd prefer Vexating Vexatious Vexilolology for $500. Unless I've either answered wrong or broken anymore rules. :P

Posted by: Tuning Spork on Aug. 4, 2006

On third thought, it looks like "Shay Todd" is correct.

Dammit. I thought you'd retired to yer rats, Victor!!!

Posted by: Tuning Spork on Aug. 4, 2006

Oh, yeah. Forgot my choice. "Canadians You've Never..." for 200.

Posted by: Victor on Aug. 5, 2006


Who is Bikini Joe? (Even though it is not a bikini)

Posted by: shelly on Aug. 5, 2006

Shay Todd, swimwear designer to the stars.

Victor is correct.

Posted by: annika on Aug. 5, 2006