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August 04, 2006

Violence Begets Violence, The Micro View

I'd been ruminating on a post about the efficacy of violence in modern international conflict, when I came across Publicola's miniseries on the efficacy of violence in personal security. I may get to my own thesis this weekend, but I want to recommend Publicola's post today. It's especially timely when you consider what's been going on in Phoenix for the last year.

Publicola's divided his essay into three parts (with more on the way). The first deals with the philosophy of self-defense in an introductory way, the second deals more specifically with the use of firearms for self-defense and suggestions for proper training, and the third part contains recommendations on proper gun selection.

[A brief aside here: Publicola, like many others I've consulted, is a big fan of the shotgun for home defense. That's all well and good, and I understand his argument, but in my opinion the best firearm for home defense has got to be the Pistolet-Pulemet Shpagina model 1941, otherwise known as the PPSh or "burp gun."

It's the gun that kicked the Wermacht's ass. Check it out. At 900 rounds per minute, tell me that couldn't neuter any or all rapists and burglars you'd care to name. I'd like to try it on this asshole.]

If you're curious about what I've chosen for my own protection, here she is.

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I vote for the shotgun. Nothing scares a human more than facing a shotgun ready to go off. Consequently, you will probably not have to pull the trigger. The other advantage of a shotgun is that it is hard to miss when you do pull the trigger.

I use a 1oz 00 buckshot shell. Some may think that shell is too small, but I don't want to remodel the house after I pull the trigger.

Posted by: Jake on Aug. 4, 2006

Because it was chambered for 7.62mm x 25mm pistol ammunition, the Pe Pe Sha needed every round in that drum magazine to do damage by the time the target was at medium range. I guess it's an OK home defense weapon if you don't have much attachment to the idea of interior walls.

The rifle that kicked the Wehrmacht's ass (and was the main sniper rifel in Stalingrad) was the 7.62mm x 54 mm Mosin-Nagant. I have an 1898 Tula Arms Factory Mosin with the Tsarist crest stamped on it that is still very servicable. Kicks like a mule with that metal buttplate. My 1956 Chinese carbine Mosin kicks worse, though.

Posted by: John on Aug. 5, 2006