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July 12, 2006

Meanwhile, Enrichment Continues

It's so frustrating watching this slow dance between Iran and the G-6. You just want to sceam at them: "cut to the chase!" However, as I said before, the delaying game benefits us as well as Iran - but only if we use the time well. And to date I have seen no sign that we are doing anything other than playing patsy to a tin-pot third world dictatorship. Damn it, Bush and Condi. Wake the fuck up!

From AP:

World powers agreed Wednesday to send Iran back to the United Nations Security Council for possible punishment, saying the clerical regime has given no sign it means to negotiate seriously over its disputed nuclear program.

The United States and other permanent members of the powerful U.N. body said Iran has had long enough to say whether it will meet the world's terms to open bargaining that would give Tehran economic and energy incentives in exchange for giving up suspicious activities.

"The Iranians have given no indication at all that they are ready to engage seriously on the substance of our proposals," French Foreign Minister Philippe Douste-Blazy said.

. . .

Any real punishment or coercion at the Security Council is a long way off, but the group said it will seek an initial resolution requiring Iran to suspend its uranium enrichment. Debate could begin as soon as next week.

If Iran does not comply, the group said it would then seek harsher action. The group's short statement did not give any specifics, but it cited a section of the world body's charter that could open the door to economic or other sanctions.

. . .

The group said it could stop the Security Council actions at any time should Iran cooperate.

Make sure you say please, guys. Maybe that will help.

There's always the possibility that the administration is following my advice about supporting Iranian dissidents, and that we just don't hear about it because things are happening behind the scenes. However, by this time in Reagan's second term, the Solidarnosc movement in Poland was in full swing and everybody knew it. I see nothing similar happening in Iran, although I keep hearing that the country is ripe for it.

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I will never ever ever ever understand the reasons why a bunch of over-educated, extremely pedigreed people cannot simply communicate. The world of diplomats just cannot call a spade a spade, so fuck them. I fucking hate them, even more so than I hate the people responsible for onlooker slowdown. They are endangering the fucking safety of the fucking world so they can continue to draft toilet paper resolutions and get photo ops before they go eat a 200 dollar meal with the other self-important pricks they work with. Fire them all and staff the State Dept with Marines!

Posted by: Scof on Jul. 12, 2006

Yes, the pace at which a resolution to the whole affair is taking place is excruciatingly slow. Hopefully, the G6 know that enrichment is hitting a snag, that a rebel movement is in gestation as you suggest, or that another measure heretofore unmentioned is awaiting a triggerpoint. And then there is NK to consider...

Posted by: will on Jul. 13, 2006

Iran and KN are both alarming and unfortuately both present few good options for the US. While both are obviously extremely important, the most important thing going on in the world is happening in Israel. Israel is at war. Why? Because they suffered yet another unprovoked attack from sub-humans. Of course, the usual suspects (W. Europe, Kofi, etc) are acting as if Israel is the problem. "Disproportionate reponse" and all the sanctimonious BS. Even the US support is tepid.

Can you imagine the response if Mexicans fired rockets in San Diego, stormed across our border and killed our soilders, kidnapped people, and acted as if the US was responsible?

To make things worse, the cowards hide amongst their own populations. BTW, the terrorist rocket attacks are targetting purely civilian populations with no military value.

Posted by: blu on Jul. 13, 2006

Hopefully, the Israelis' search goes better than our search for Pancho Villa did.

Posted by: reagan80 on Jul. 13, 2006

Unfortunately, Russia will be no help to us on the Security Council, as they're cementing a massive joint venture with Iran by proposing a natural gas pipeline version of OPEC.

Posted by: will on Jul. 14, 2006