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June 17, 2006

24 Movie In The Works

I'm excited that they've decided to make a feature length 24 movie! Interestingly, they've decided not to do the "real-time" thing for the film. Of course, with two hours available to the writers, they might have had just enough time for Jack to drive from Santa Monica to Van Nuys during rush hour before the closing credits start to roll.

The moviemakers don't need my advice, but in case any are reading here it is: Jack meets Jason!

Think about it.

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Rubric: Let's Go To Hollywood


I did. Now my head hurts.

Posted by: Casca on Jun. 17, 2006

Maybe the whole thing will be shown sped-up, like that infamous "staying home from school" scene in A Clockwork Orange. Then Jack Bauer would have this high-pitched little chipmunk voice that would just be so dang cute!

"Squeak! SQUEAK!" [shoots and kills someone.]

I'd definitely see it if this were the case.

Posted by: ccwbass on Jun. 18, 2006