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June 01, 2006

Happy Shavu'ot!

For my Jewish friends, a Shavu'ot poem:

Autumn Season

is the
Sword of Gevurah
that the Just Warrior wields with Mighty Power!

I say unto Thee:

Defend Thy Honor fiercely
with Noble Courage that Towers above the Tide.

I say unto Thee:

Feed the Hungry of Body and Spirit,
Give them Hope for Health and Livelihood.

I say unto Thee:

Protect the folk from those who would seek to steal away
their precious rights!

I say unto Thee:

Be Thou Swift to shine the Light of Truth upon
those who deceive, delude and dishonor,
hiding behind the dark veil of privilege.

Shine the Light now,
so that Ye may walk with Honor to Thy Destiny.

Rememberest Thou:
whatsoever is the will of man...
the Lord God demands Truth and Justice
from those who would seek to serve

Understand why it Rains, Know why the Wind Howls:
Be Wise when you are offered the Hand of Redemption!
Justice must prevail!

You are the Servant
that must Right the great Injustice that has been wrought.

(by Rabbi Alyjah Navy)

I'm not Jewish, but I will enjoy the traditional Chalav observance tonight by eating a bowl of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream with my favorite chocolate syrup and a big glass of water. mmmmm. Not exactly kosher, but that's the advantage of being Catholic.

h/t Linda at Something and Half of Something.

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I always thought it was a year from Shavous?

Posted by: Strawman on Jun. 2, 2006