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May 25, 2006

Taylor's AI Audition

As long as we're looking at YouTube videos, take a look at Taylor Hicks's American Idol audition.

I think the coolest thing about Taylor's audition is when Simon asked him why he was there. He does not say, "Because I wanna be the next American Idol," which 99% of the people said.

Simon: Why you here?

Taylor: I want my voice heard.

Taylor: Why?

Taylor: Cuz I feel like I got one.

It's so simple and direct an answer, I can almost imagine the young Elvis Presley saying something like it to Sam Phillips back in the day.

I also love the fact that Taylor was so underestimated during his audition. Paula and Randy liked him, but you know they never imagined he might win. Not after that audition, which really wasn't too good.

Go Taylor! I hope he gets some good songs to sing because he could really become a star if the machine lets him.

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i (still) agree with Simon.

seems like a nice guy but a star he aint.

Posted by: tony on May. 25, 2006

I think he could be a star. He has something that not just anyone has. Remember the long walk he took, playing his harmonica? Remember the choir he brought out for his last song? Remember that jacket he wore? Ugly as it was, it caught your eye, and you remember it and him.

He knows what people want to hear and see.

Fav Taylor moment: I think it was the first show w/ 24 and he sang his song and brought the house down. He was smiling and laughing and the crowd was going nuts and Ryan came out and asked him what was going on? "I don't know!" Taylor answered and I laughed long and loud.

I think he'll be freakin' huge.

Posted by: Victor on May. 26, 2006

Admittedly, I only saw this guy sing on the last five minutes of the last show, but I was left with the impression that as far as singing goes, this guy simply doesn't have it.

Was everyone else that bad?

Posted by: Pursuit on May. 26, 2006