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April 05, 2006

Coolest Thing On The Internets Of The Day

Need A Good Laugh?

Watch Soledad O'Brien go twelve rounds with Cynthia McKinney. The fight was a draw.

I totally love Soledad O'Brien now.

Update: Rep. McKinney's Patton moment.

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I can't believe I missed that! Yes...I am a Soledad fan now as well...good stuff.

Posted by: Nicole on Apr. 5, 2006

Its quite apparent McKinney takes her constituents for fools. Trot out everything but what you did...what a nice lesson from a supposed leader.

Posted by: Scof on Apr. 5, 2006

Yeah but do we need to hear Soledad repeatedly saying, "with all due respect"? I doubt she would have done that for Gingrich, DeLay, Hastert, Lott.

Posted by: Thomas Galvin on Apr. 5, 2006

To my ear, it seemed that Soledad had no respect for her, and kept saying that almost as an inside joke between her and the audience, which McKinney's ego prevented her from noticing.

Posted by: annika on Apr. 5, 2006

"With all due respect" is a windup for a punch in the chops. Nobody respects Cynthia "Crazy Eyes" McKinney. She is the product of rotten burough politics. I haven't seen eyes like that since the runaway bride. If I could chose my enemies, she'd be congressbiatch for life.

Posted by: Casca on Apr. 5, 2006

It hurts me to watch her. She reminds me too much of my own congresscreep Sheila Jackson Lee.

Posted by: kyleN on Apr. 6, 2006

Ohhhh Kyle I envy you. If SJL was my rep, I'd organize a group to be at her every public appearance distributing The Wit & Wisdom of Texas' Favorite Dumb Biatch. You can't hire people to play the clownish fools that Democrat office holders act out everyday.

Posted by: Casca on Apr. 6, 2006

Wow, I've always had a bit of a crush on Ms. O'Brien and now it's official. This charade was proof that the wacked out left can even miff the messengers on occassion. Recently it's become somewhat embarrassing to live in the same town that the runaway bride is from and where the 37 year old teach bopped the 14 year old boy. And, ofcourse, I do alot of work in Ms. McKinney's district as well. I know she's crazy but what's up with all those voters?

Posted by: Mike C. on Apr. 6, 2006

This CNN reporter, S. O'Brien did, in her interview with the congressswoman, what BBC reporters have always done; make them answer the fucking question as it was asked not as they wish it was asked. American politicians get a free ride ALL the time from nearly all reporters. The pol's are never made uncomfortabel and always feel that they can slip the questions and give their dopey, transparent prontifications that skirt the point without the press pushing them.

However, I wonder how many of you who seem to be lauding SO's performance would be doing so if it were Condiliar RIce sitting opposite her and she was having her feet nailed to the floor over things like the word "historical" when tring to down play the Aug 6 memo, "Gee, Dr. Rice in what way does historical devalue importance of the intel presented in that document? Isn't today's intel tomorrows history? SO what the fuck are you talking about? You still did nothing in response to an imminent threat, right? So could you please just answer the question, did the administration do ANYTHING proactive in the face of this threat? With all due respect Dr. Rice a simple yes or no is all that is required" " And on this "failue of Imagination" thing about flying planes into buildings, isn't it true that there are many historical citations for this scenario including one received by your office last month?" " and Dr. Rice, when you said the 75mm al. tubes found in Iraq had no other purpose to be on earth except incorporation into a centrafuge but in fact was ther not a memo on your desk describing these tubes as casings for self propelled artillary?" "With all due respect Dr. Riceball a simple yes or no will suffice."

And on and on. Lets not even get into W who we treat like the damaged kid in the second grade who isn't expected to remember his name. But, of course, he does not just forget, he lies. He was told before Katrina hit the levee's might fail and three days later he lied to America and said no one could imagine that they would fail. I say its time to impeach him for dereliction of duty and general malfeaseance. Or do we not impeach presidents when their actions result in loss of life but only when its about sex? Oh, and Scooter just named his ass as the origin of the leak. Cute

Anni you said a while ago you hated Bulworth. I thought it a terribly flawed movie but loved the scene when Warren confronts the reporter with the concept of the conflict of interests they both face as they sit for an interview; they both work for the same boss so how can a meaningful dialogue take place. His candidacy is predicated on raising money from the same corporate interests that pay the reporter's salary. So how provocative can she be and still have a job in the morning. Same is true for whitehouse correspondents who demand the truth and real answers at press conferences. Push to hard and you loose your seat in the briefing room.

WE live in a society where you, those licking SO's feet, are awed when they see a simple and what should be common place ocurrance of the press doing it's job. Quite a commentary on our free press.

Posted by: strawman on Apr. 7, 2006

Very true about the BBC, Strawman. They will not allow a dodge. That, and "question time" are a system that ensures all PMs be very well spoken. Good thing Bush wasn't born English.

Posted by: annika on Apr. 7, 2006

Yep, she made a mistake in poking the officer, then associating it with racism. She made the right choice to apologize, especially in front of Congress.

I thought it was hilarious, however, that Delay found the moral high ground to deride her over such a trivial matter. The ultimate in hypocrisy...

Posted by: will on Apr. 7, 2006


How true. Had he been a Brit he would have had no future in politics, unless, of copurse, he asked Dr. Peobody & Sherman to plunk him down in ancient Athens so he could take a sabbatical with demosthenes. But short of that happening he would have been laughed off of any soap box.

I love "question time" although it does fuel my hostilities toward the congress and our countries complete lack of appreciation of intelectual acuity and celerity of speech. Talking fast is a sign of fast thinking.

Posted by: strawman on Apr. 7, 2006

Straw - you raise some fair points, but you have mischaracterized what Scooter stated. He's not talking about the Valerie Plame leak.

Nonetheless, it's beginning to seem like no President in the past 40 years can make it through a second term without imploding.

Posted by: Col Steve on Apr. 7, 2006

"Good thing Bush wasn't born English."

Of course, neither was Tony Blair. So there goes that excuse. ;-)

Posted by: Dave J on Apr. 7, 2006


I don't know that its second term misteps or it k=just takes that long for the bulk of the deceived to shrug off their humiliation and get to a clear vision of the duplicity. I saw this man for what he was in ten minutes and have always been astounded by the willingness of the american populace to allow party loyality to constrict their view of reality.

I think you are correct about the leak: It does appear to be the release and subsequant de-classification (to erase the law breaking) of the bullshit intel on the non-existant uranium program that was given early to Judith (the shill) MIller.

Posted by: strawman on Apr. 8, 2006