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April 05, 2006

Scientists Find Weird Fish Fossil Way The Fuck Up In Canada

A bunch of scientists found a weird fish fossil that looks like it might be a transitional species between fish and lizard. Or frog. Or whatever. Between fish and something that crawls or slithers on the land.

When I flew to Europe our plane went over the Hudson Bay. I was amazed at how barren it looked down there. But these scientists were working much farther north than that. In fact, the article says they all carried guns just in case a hungry polar bear came by.

Interestingly, when this fish/lizard was alive, it lived near the equator in the mud of a now non-existent continent called Laurentia. Yeah, 400 million years ago. You gotta love plate tectonics.

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A transitional species between fish and lizard? That would explain this.

Posted by: Jim Treacher on Apr. 6, 2006


Posted by: annika on Apr. 6, 2006

Are you the type to be offended about anything that conflicts with creationist doctrine? Unlikely, but I had to ask.

Posted by: will on Apr. 7, 2006

That angle didn't even occur to me, Will. I guess as a right wing blogger, that's an obvious question, but I really was just interested in the science of the story.

Personally I don't have any problems with evolution. I read Dawkins and it didn't corrupt my mind. I thought he made some interesting points.

Posted by: annika on Apr. 7, 2006