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April 04, 2006

Annika's Theorem

Delay provides further proof for my previously stated theorem: Take the over.

Posted by annika, Apr. 4, 2006 | TrackBack (0)
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Can't say that I'm sad to see him go. I know he was a good "whip" for the Reps back in the day. But he wasn't as nearly as bright as Newt. His term as speaker won't be remembered for new or innovative ideas.The guy loved power. He also wore more damn make-up than a woman when he was on TV. He just always struck me as vain - more about himself than the ideas and heritage he represented. Still, I'm impressed he took one for the team and got out. It should now be a safe "Red" seat.

Posted by: Blu on Apr. 4, 2006

Well I can tell you Repubs in Texas were happy with his tenure, some might say he was pretty innovative with the voting districts and all.

Posted by: Scof on Apr. 4, 2006

NOBODY is nearly as bright as Newt. Delay was the hammer, and as anyone knows who is familiar with old FU, "Sometimes you have to put some stick about".

Took one for the team? He's taking one for the bank account. He's going to hang out a shingle on K street, and make a gazillion dollars this year. Not that he doesn't deserve it.

Posted by: Casca on Apr. 5, 2006

Lol, at least Delay didn't end up like FU's whip! Pity that. The usual suspects and all.

Posted by: annika on Apr. 5, 2006


I hope he gets round brackets made for his shingle so it will hang from bars.

To paraphrase Mr. Clemens "To a man called the hammer all problems are solved by malfeasance"

How can you stomach a man who, with a straight face, tells you he ask the lord if he should stay in the race? What a disengenuous lying sack of republican poo.

Posted by: strawman on Apr. 6, 2006