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March 30, 2006

Hips Don't Lie

Memo to Katherine McPhee: don't attempt Christina ever again.

Memo to Bucky: You're next. As the MySpace bloggers say: "he can't sing good."

the hips have spoken.

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Didja notice how each criticism pretty much included the mention of "poor song choice?" This leads me to only one conclusion: The music (thus far) from this century sucks donkey dicks.

On XM, I pretty much keep it on 50's, 60s, Fred (classic alternative), or Top Tracks (classic rock).

Posted by: Victor on Mar. 30, 2006

Katherine is a hottie.

As for Bucky, well, I don't kow how he got there in the first place. And then there's that whole when you're 18 you can legally change your name thing. Because with a name like Bucky, I don't see a CEO position in his future.

Posted by: Paul on Mar. 30, 2006