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March 26, 2006

Just To Show You How Completely Fucked My Bracket Is

My percentage of picks in Six Meat Buffet's Tournament Challenge is 17%. Abysmal, but I did worse in my own fantasy baseball league last year.

Here's how my Oakland regional picks turned out:


What gets me is how someone like Preston can hit 96.8% of his picks. He oughta change his name to Prestondigitator. Or the current leader, Duane, with an astonishing 98.5% score. How do you do that without a crystal ball?

I guess it helps if you know something about college hoops.

But I bet I can accessorize better than both of 'em. I know a little something about hoop earrings, you see.

Anyways, the last two spots in the Final Four will be filled tonight. I say it will be Villanova (whom i've picked to win it all) and UConn. I saw yesterday's games and LSU looked damn strong. LSU and 'Nova in the final? What do you think?

Update: George Mason? I thought he died in season two?

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I'm dying to know how many people in the online bracket pools got all schools in the Final Four. I consider myself lucky to have one (UCLA).

Posted by: Hugo on Mar. 26, 2006

Annie, it is time to hang up your jock and your crystal ball and go hit the books.

Posted by: shelly on Mar. 27, 2006

You can accessorize better; and are much smarter and better looking.

Who'da thunk George Mason would make it this far? Really? Who?

Posted by: The Maximum Leader on Mar. 27, 2006

With me it was complete luck, Annika.

That was proven in the regional finals where I went 0/4.

Posted by: Preston on Mar. 28, 2006