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March 17, 2006

New Boys' Toy

Best quote: "I thought this thing was sick."

Have fun guys!

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Homina-homina-homina-homina . . .



I'm going to take a nap now.

Posted by: Matt on Mar. 17, 2006

Hugo isn't gonna like it. I wouldn't mind getting one to keep the neighborhood vermin in check.

Posted by: d-rod on Mar. 17, 2006

This thing is phallic. There's nothing like having a bigger, faster, more powerful, more accurate weapon. You lug it around with pride. You yearn for opportunities to deploy it.

“You can put six rounds on target in under three seconds,” Flanery said. “I thought this thing was sick.”

Posted by: gcotharn on Mar. 17, 2006

Yeah, the 203 always was a worthless piece of shit. It's about time our grenadiers had some firepower. Now if we only still had the flechette round.

Posted by: Casca on Mar. 17, 2006

Yup, gotta agree with Casca, the 203 was a real piece of shit. You couldn't interdict a coca sack laden burro led by a ten year old in the Columbian highlands with it. I once fired one at a platoon leader in Granada and he still rode the wave on to the beach.
Real crap piece of hardware.

My fingers statred twitching when I read the piece on the M-32.

Posted by: Strawman on Mar. 17, 2006

Go away ya draft dodgin' shitstain.

Posted by: Casca on Mar. 17, 2006

The forerunner of this weapon can be seen on the old Christopher Walken movie Dogs of War. But it looks like this one has a higher rate of fire, and is more accurate. (Although you don't have to be too accurate with 40mm greandes)

Posted by: Kyle N on Mar. 18, 2006

Nice one Casca. You're such a good advert for the military mind:one step above a prokaryote.

Posted by: Strawman on Mar. 19, 2006