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March 08, 2006

AI Thoughts

Okay, cuz I know you've all been waiting for my AI thoughts.

Top three for me were Ace, Gideon and then my crush, Chris. Kevin will be going home tomorrow night along with, unfortunately, Gideon. I'm a huge Gideon fan, but I'm afraid his genre is too old fashioned for the average voter. But he led the competition all the way tonight. All the way until Ace came on, that is. Ace completely blew away the field. Completely. It totally slipped my mind how well he can do an MJ song.

Check in tomorrow night to see if I'm right.

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"If you keep your foot to the path, your shoulder to the wheel and your ax to the grindstone, you will get no work done!"

Posted by: Kyle N on Mar. 9, 2006

I thought Gedeon was one of the best last night, but you called it. I guess you can't teach an old leopard to change to new spots.

Posted by: DHammett on Mar. 9, 2006

Gideon got robbed. Kevin does not belong there.

Posted by: annika on Mar. 9, 2006