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March 05, 2006

Obligatory Oscar Wrap-Up Post

Crash wins.


Okay, now that that's over with, on to March Madness. You gotta like Duke again this year. Villanova too. Arizona and Gonzaga will disappoint, as they do every time. And Geo. Washington is overrated. Keep an eye on Alabama. If they make the tourney, they're worth at least one upset.

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What, no predictions on the WCHA Final Five College Hockey tournament to be held March 16-18 in St. Paul, MN?

Posted by: Jake on Mar. 6, 2006

I was pulling for Crash. Matt D. was awesome in his cop role. In fact, the whole cast was excellent. And I was so over the whole gay cowboy/sheepherder thing.

Annie, you're probably right about Gonzaga, but I'm going to pretend to believe until they get bounced in the Sweet 16.

Posted by: Blu on Mar. 6, 2006

Duke is a 1 1/2 trick pony and we'll see if Reddick can shoot and Williams can keep his head for 6 games. Duke catches a break because they'll be - barring some disaster in the ACC tournament - in Greensboro for the ACC tournament and then the opening rounds of the NCAAs. They'd just better hope UNC doesn't get seeded in the Atlanta as well.

Agree on the assessment of others, although not if Alabama is in the Atlanta bracket. I love the way some of the teams around here (GW, George Mason, Georgetown) have played well, but they'll need favorable seed and bracket to have a run. I'd say Memphis may catch a break from losing, they played an unbelievable non-conference schedule and could do well dropping to a 2 seed in Oakland/Minneapolis.

The West (Oakland) bracket is the place for a mid-seed East/South team (2d tier Big East, ACC, or SEC) to do well.

Posted by: Col Steve on Mar. 6, 2006

Arizona may not even get in. They finished 4th in the Pac-10 and if they don't run strong in the tourney this week, they may be looking at the NIT.

Go Bears.

Posted by: DHammett on Mar. 6, 2006

Thanks to you, I'm taking on a new appreciation of Goldie's talents. Since she tends to be on the liberal side of political issues, you show your discernment to prevent your political views from interfering with your critical analysis. Good for you!

I believe you would enjoy "The Dish", with a combination of Sam Neill, Patrick Warburton, Roy Billing, and several others. From the directors of "The Castle"...

Posted by: will on Mar. 6, 2006

Hugely diaappointed with Crash, which presented an LA that most lifelong Angelenos I know couldn't recognize. (And I'm not talking about the extensive use of Sherman Oaks, which I know by heart.)

I really think UCLA could surprise this year. But the real stunner all year long for me has been how well North Carolina has played despite essentially starting over from scratch.

Posted by: Hugo on Mar. 6, 2006

Yes, Hugo. For some reason, LA has the undeserved reputation of being a racist city. Compared to what? Skokie? Even San Francisco, that liberal heaven, has neighborhoods of apartheid where my black friends know they should not go if they don't want to be hassled. There is no such neighborhood in LA. I think that kind of integration is due to the entertainment industry. I wonder where the writers of Crash grew up. If in LA, they should know better. People forget that the Rodney King defendants were tried outside of LA. And prosecuted by perhaps the most inept DA's office in the country.

That said, I did like Crash, and it was the only one of the five nominees I saw, so I was satisfied with the award.

Posted by: annika on Mar. 6, 2006

Thanks Will. That's what Annika's Journal is all about. Changing people's perspectives. Seriously though, I'm glad to find out that at least some folks are not bored silly by my new Goldie Hawn obsession.

Posted by: annika on Mar. 6, 2006

Good call, Hugo, on NC. I tend to just take them for granted. Easy to forget they lost so many pieces.

Posted by: Blu on Mar. 6, 2006

Where's UConn in you March predictions? I also hope that my other alma mater, Marquette U., gets a spot.

Posted by: Jason on Mar. 6, 2006

WTF are you two talking about? It's not about the racism of LA. It's about the differences and burdens that we all share in life. We all look at each other, and make judgments that are wrong. Fuck, the detective's junkie mother thought that her little banger wannabe son put the groceries in the fridge! It's a movie about truth, and the truth is that we all suffer. It deserves a handful of screenings, and a lot of thought, but easily the best thing out of Hollywood in a decade.

Crash is about LA racism the way Appocolypse Now is about the Vietnam War.

Posted by: Casca on Mar. 6, 2006

Rock on, Casca. Well said.

Posted by: Blu on Mar. 6, 2006

That reminds me of another thing I didn't get about Crash. This idea that LA is somehow different because people are locked in their cars all day. Hell, people are locked in their cars all day in Honolulu. Pretty much every US city is a car culture, with the exception of places like NY and SF. Those are pedestrian cities because it's too much of a hassle to drive anywhere, so people walk or take public transit.

Posted by: annika on Mar. 6, 2006

Paul Haggis is from Canada; I've had two of his daughters as my students at PCC.

Posted by: Hugo on Mar. 6, 2006

You've got Goldie, I've got Joe Don. At least we wear our obsessions on our sleeves.

Posted by: Victor on Mar. 8, 2006

a shame they never collaborated

Posted by: annika on Mar. 8, 2006

Arizona will disappoint? Well if thats not the nail in the coffin...

Posted by: scof on Mar. 8, 2006