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February 22, 2006

American Idol Blogging: The Guys

Patrick: Not bad looking in a Tom Greene sort of way. His neck is as long as a giraffe's. He picked an Etheridge song??? Slow start, but he picked it up. A solid journeyman performance. Not spectacular.

Looks like Seacrest traded the gingham Maryann shirt for an Alexander Julian knock-off. I wonder if he shops at Marshall's. You know you can get some really cheap designer looking clothes at Marshall's. Not that I'd ever shop there.

David the crooner: Funny, the first guy sings Etheridge, the second guy sings Freddy Mercury. Is there a pattern forming? WTF? OMG! he sucks! It will be hard for anyone to drop a performance worse than that one. He's like the drunk guy on karaoke night. I agree with Randy totally. That was seriously horrible.

Bucky: He's a good looking kid. Let's see what he can do. He's been off key for most of the song. Crap. So far this night has been amateur hour. Did I just hear this guy stutter?

Simon is being nicer tonight than usual.

Will: Reminds me of Bobby Brady or Seth from the OC. When he was in the final two, I thought Sid should have made it instead of him. Ha ha. Nice moves, kid. His voice is not up to this Jackson 5 song, but I like his energy. I see some potential. The most memorable performance so far. Lol, Paula agrees, definitely Bobby Brady.

Sway: He's going to sing "Reasons." Another one of my favorite songs ever, so i'm nervous for him. The song is to high for him. That velvet jacket must have cost him a pretty penny. He's butchering the song. Too bad, because Sway had a good voice in the auditions.

Interesting side note (or not): Did you ever notice that the Cingular Wireless commercials always show five bars? Yet I've never seen an actual phone with more than four bars.

That guy who does the CareerBuilder.com commercials with all the chimps is one brave dude. Those fuckers will eat your face off. Chimps are not nice animals.

Chris the bald guy: He's one of my early favorites from the auditions. He's going to sing Bon Jovi. Cool performance. Excellent rocker voice. Best so far. Simon was wrong, he does have charisma.

Kevin from historic Levittown: What will his D&D buddies say if Kevin makes the big time? "*sniff* hnn hey Kevin. Can I run your character hnn while you're in Hollywood, *sniff* hnn?" When Simon said his performance was vocally excruciating, Kevin's mom looked upset, but dad's expression was like "You know, he has a point there."

You know what? I really like the fact that Becky is so supportive of every guy who gets up there. Did you see her gettin' totally into Kevin's performance? Good for her.

Gideon: This dude talks like a preacher, it's funny. He's singing "Shout?" lol. "Can we dance with your dates?" haha! There were no flashes of greatness in that performance. But he's got potential, given the right song. Don't let Simon get in your head, dude. You have a nice smile.

Eliot Yao Ming: He don't look Chinese. His performance was A'ight. One of the best tonight sure, but that's not saying much. He'll do okay until they get down to twelve. But he's got to bring it up a notch to make it all the way. Simon is whacked. This guy is not the best male vocalist they've ever had, that's just plain off.

Bobby: "Copacabana?" That was fun. He has a real Nathan Lane meets John Goodman appeal to him. I agree with Paula, it looks like he totally commits to whatever he does.

Did you notice they got two singers left and 25 minutes to fill? When I was doing plays, I always sang faster on opening night.

Ace: He is stunning. And Ace Young is such a great rock and roll name. Average vocals, which seem stellar compared to tonight's competition. But I'll predict right now that he will be a finalist. Easy. My suggestion for Ace is to make sure the word "naked" appears in every song he sings this season.

Taylor: This guy is the biggest character in a cast full of characters. "Levon" is about family values?! I think he needs to pay more attention to the lyrics. I'm pulling for Taylor. I became a big fan when he took the long walk playing a harmonica. However, I fear his look is too old for the average AI voter.

If I was going to vote for anybody tonight, it would be Chris though.

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Yep, Bobby Brady was my first thought when I saw that kid. He'll stick around but not for long.

Crooner-boy is *so* out of there.

Gideon smiles like the frickin' Joker. He's probably out of there, too, which is too bad 'cause I kind of like him.

That thumping sound was every woman in America sliding off her seat when Ace finished.

If Chris makes devil horns one more time I'm reaching thru the TV and ripping his FUCKING fingers offa his hands. If it's his "signature" it's a stupid one...Betcha he dots his "I's" with little hearts, too.

Paula was funnier 'n cat piss.

Didja notice opera girl in the Paula Poodle Pound? She was *not* having a good time--she knows she's outta there. And Katherine twirled and showed America her FAT ass somewhere in there.

OTOH, Heather was shakin' it very nicely during some of the songs. Rowr.

On a seriuos note, I've noticed the judges got a good cop/bad cop thing going. Paula and Randy seem to want to give them support, while Simon tells them *exactly* what they need to do to improve. He may be rather harsh, but the contestants would do well to take everything he says to heart.

Posted by: Victor on Feb. 23, 2006

I like the girl who flashed her tits.

Posted by: Casca on Feb. 23, 2006

Who flashed her tits? You're joking.

Posted by: annika on Feb. 23, 2006

I'd least that would have been interesting. I was forced to watch that crap last night. Those guys SUCKED! Absolutely horrible. This is really the best talent that they can come up with?

Posted by: Blu on Feb. 23, 2006

Oh my God, CHIMPS. Did you hear about those chimps who mauled that guy from Bakersfield last year? He's technically alive but his life is freakin' OVER.

I was hoping we would see more of that crazy dude they let into Hollywood because, I dunno, Randy and Paula were high? He couldn't sing worth shit, but Randy and Paula were just cracking up. He would've made things interesting, anyway.

Posted by: The Law Fairy on Feb. 23, 2006

Hey, what time is it on on the Left coast? 'Cause I know all the answers right now, and I just realized it's about 6PM over there.

Posted by: Victor on Feb. 23, 2006

Didja see this Idol gossip?

Posted by: Victor on Feb. 24, 2006

There is no such things as "not bad looking in a Tom Greene sort of way." Tom Greene is freakin' troll.

Posted by: Blu on Feb. 24, 2006

Jeez, it used to be that I was the only one drinking and posting. Now EVERYONE does it, lol.

Posted by: Casca on Feb. 24, 2006

Why do people watch this crap??? Seriously, why is Survivor and American Idol so popular, especially with women? I really want to know.

Posted by: Christopher Taylor on Feb. 25, 2006