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February 18, 2006

News Flash: Dick Cheney Was Careless

I just don't get all the hub-bub about whether Dick Cheney shot Whittington at 30 yards or at 30 feet or whatever. What's the point of that argument? If he fired at some closer range does that mean he was extra-super careless instead of just careless? Where are the Cheney critics going with this argument?

Oh I know. The theory goes something like this:

If Cheney lied about the distance it means he lied about WMD. We can't have a Vice President who goes around shooting people. He's reckless. He's evil evil evil. Halliburton Halliburton Halliburton. AAAAAAAgh!!!

[head explodes]

You can only clutch at straws for so long until you run out of straws.

Like that? I just made that one up.

I love how people are saying Cheney was drunk. Like that disqualifies you from being a world leader. I think Churchill put that one to rest sixty years ago.

Look everybody. This was an unfortunate accident, but it's not going to get anybody impeached. Bush and Cheney are going to finish out their term. Get used to it.

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Did anyone happen to catch Mary Matlin on Imus?

She nailed the story by saying that "Cheney stopped to be sure that his friend was well cared for and getting the right treatment instead of sending an urgent flash to the White House Press Corps. That caused David Gregory's hair to be on fire".

C'mon guys, hunters get shot carelessly every day. This wasn't bullets!!! It was bird shot, you know, BB's. Let's get real.

Isn't the situation in Iran a little more serious?

Posted by: shelly on Feb. 18, 2006

I haven't been following the story all that closely (I'm too busy getting ready for nonstop Kiira Korpi koverage), but I figured this was as good a time as any to check the Air America affiliate in Los Angeles. Normally I find it boring...most broadcasts are variations on the theme "Bush is stupid!"...but I figured they might have something new after this earthshaking event. And I was pleasantly surprised - the "Dick Cheney's Got a Gun" parody was halfway decent - but then they got into the whole "alcoholic" "obstruction of justice" thing. Boring again...

Posted by: Ontario Emperor on Feb. 18, 2006

What I want to know is why all the media outlets were describing the lawyer Cheney shot as "the Cheney victim". I mean come on! No bias in the mainstream media?

Posted by: Jeff on Feb. 19, 2006

Could this play into deeply held liberal belief that Conservatives are evil? And into the meme that Cheney is extra evil? Could the unstated/unconscious logic be:
Hunting is evil,
Hunting + shooting your friend is extra evil,
This is proof that we are right:
Cheney is extra evil!

Re not contacting the D.C. press corps:
Many claim the D.C. press corps considers itself an actual fourth branch of government, which the Executive and the Legislative are forced to deal with, and which weilds actual power via their keyboards and microphones.

Cheney, especially, ignores the press, and treats them as if they have no real power - his handling of informing the D.C. press corps being a prime example of his dismissiveness, and his refusal to take them seriously. This contributed to the piqued and fearful reaction of the D.C. press. Everyone will fiercely fight against the loss of their own power(whether that power is real or imagined).

Posted by: gcotharn on Feb. 19, 2006

I find it interesting that you (and some of your readers) feel compelled to create strawmen to then beat on.

Posted by: will on Feb. 19, 2006


Are you willfully ignorant? Annika's post doesn't create any "strawmen." Did you catch the Dems talking points on the weekend shows? Here it was: The shooting wasn't the point. Oh sure, it obviously was an awful accident. The real point is the VP's "penchant for secrecy" (same phrase used by at least 4 people that I heard---no doubt a huge coincedence)as illustrated by how the story was handled and as illustrated by (fill in the blank with you favorite liberal fairy-tale.)

So, no "strawmen"....just perfect anticipation of the Left's tired, silly political games. Well done, Annika.

Posted by: Blu on Feb. 20, 2006

Apparently, Will hasn't noticed the last 2 comments in Annie's "Hunting Foul" thread:


We don't need to create strawmen, they come to us.

Posted by: reagan80 on Feb. 20, 2006

Well, actually, it is now the two comments prior to the last. I couldn't help but reply to Mr. Murphy....it was just too tempting.

Posted by: Blu on Feb. 20, 2006