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January 30, 2006

A Little Change For This Year

Normally a response to the State of the Union address is released after the president's speech. In an interesting procedural twist, the Democratic response was released beforehand this year.

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I guess that since Howard Dean has run through all the Dems money, this is the best they can do to get there message across.

Posted by: d-rod on Jan. 30, 2006

At least the Islamo-fascists don't pretend to be pro-American.

Posted by: Blu on Jan. 30, 2006

I much preferred the Democrat's response to Kennedy and Kerry today. In case you missed it, the score on the cloture motion was:

Good guys 75
K & K 25

JUSTICE ALITO should get approved tomorrow in time to be sworn in and walk in with the rest of the Court for the State of the Union speech, sending a public message to those two bloated bloviators from Massachusetts.

I hope Mrs. Alito gets the seat on Laura's right; this time the tears will be Kennedy's and Kerry's.

Posted by: shelly on Jan. 30, 2006

I wonder what the response would be if the held the swearing in ceremony for Alito as part of the SOTU.

Posted by: Stephen Macklin on Jan. 30, 2006

Damn! You beat me to it.

Posted by: Pursuit on Jan. 30, 2006

Nice touch, but no cigar. POTUS ain't a gonna shae that spotlight in prime time with no black robed ghoul.

Besides, the drama will be high enough when he prances in with the rest of the Court. Here's a good one, will Sandra come with them if she's been replaced? If so, will Bush give his tribute then and there? Why not?

Stay tuned...

Posted by: shelly on Jan. 30, 2006

I say, deuced hard to hit an innocent in that part of the woods.

Posted by: Casca on Jan. 30, 2006

I enjoyed seeing Tim Kaine give the response, the first Virginia Governor to travel the state holding Town Hall meetings. Being a moderate independent, I revel when a moderate from either side obtains a higher profile within their party. Now if McCain DOES get nominated....

Posted by: will on Feb. 1, 2006

McCain is unloved in the US Senate; he is very independent and oftentimes just plain rebellious.

But he is clever and he is charismatic, and he is far and away the leading choice among the rank and file Republicans to be the nominee. The conservatives oppose him because they fear his independence, and the conservatives are in the driver's seat in the party right now.

Nonetheless, I think he can overcome this, and if Condi is really out, he will be the nominee. Until she gets in, he's got my vote and money. If she does get in, all bets are off. She wins it all.

My longshot is George Allen, who will also get my support. It would be a good ticket to have him as VP, but will not happen.

The party without a woman on the ticket this time cannot win.

Remember, you heard that HERE, first.

Posted by: shelly on Feb. 1, 2006

Be awesome to see the Reps nominate a strong, conservative, competent woman----someone that could rival Thatcher in stature.

I've always thought that the first woman President will be a Rep or at the very least a very conservative Dem that has a hawkish foreign policy. (Notice Ms. Clinton's votes lately. But I don't think she is fooling anybody.)

So, I hope you are right Shelley.

Posted by: Blu on Feb. 3, 2006

Well, I not always right, but I am seldom wrong.

It depends on what "it" means.

Posted by: shelly on Feb. 4, 2006