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January 24, 2006

Another Crazy Dream I Had

Along the lines of my weird Tom Cruise dream, I had another crazy dream last night. Bea Arthur, Betty White and Estelle Getty were in it. They formed a rap group, calling themselves the Insane Bingo Posse. They had a huge following, much like the Dead or Phish used to have. All young people too. Somehow I found myself watching them at Shoreline Amphitheatre with my old friends from high school. Weird huh? I blame it on the dip from last night. We had some chips. We had some leftover sour cream. We were hungry. So we decided to make some dip. There was a package of Lipton onion soup mix in the back of the pantry that was about five years old. But I figured, hey, soup mix don't go bad right?. So we mixed up some dip, and ate it with a bowl of Tostitos. It wasn't bad. However, among other side effects that I won't go into, which also occurred during the middle of the night, I had that crazy dream.

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I remember some old movie with Slim Pickens, he was supposed to be catching cattle rustlers, When the ranchers asked him how he was doing he would just talk about his dreams.
"There I was standing on top of the pyramid with the Pharoah, and there was all these slaves jus a bowin and a scrapin..."

I always wondered if he was realted to T.Boone Pickens, the oil barron. They sort of look and sound alike.

Posted by: Kyle N on Jan. 25, 2006

Rancho Deluxe, 1975, a classic, "...what I want to know... was I royalty or just a commoner?"

All star cast, Jimmy Buffet wrote the soundtrack and sings Livingston Saturday Night in the bar scene, Sam Waterston when he was young. The great line of the movie is Slim Pickens', "All real large scale crime is an inside job. When you're dealin' with people, ya gotta be people."

This is definitely an under rated gem. Another movie that just wasn't sold properly.

Posted by: Casca on Jan. 25, 2006

What the hell was in that dip??? Last post, you wrote about adding David Gilmore to the Gilmore Girls. This post, Golden Girls doin' Insane Bingo Posse. Go any further with the free association and someone's gonna wanna drug test you.

So, if you would've added tequila to the mix, how much freakier would the experience have been?

Posted by: ElMondoHummus on Jan. 25, 2006

I loved your Tom Cruise dream. That one made me laugh so hard!

Posted by: Sadie on Jan. 25, 2006