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December 31, 2005

2006 Will Be A Tougher Year For California Teens

Starting tomorrow, California teens will be subject to two new laws.

Thanks to the passage of Assembly Bill 646, children can no longer put holes in their heads without parental permission. The measure by Assemblywoman Sharon Runner, R_Lancaster, bans body piercing of a minor without a parent being present or sending notarized consent.
Assembly Bill 1474 Bans new teenage drivers, their first year, from driving between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. unless accompanied by an adult 25 or older or traveling to school, work or to a medical appointment.
Poor kids. Having to tell your parents before you get your ears pierced or go on a beer run can be quite a hassle. What if they say no?

On the other hand, you can still kill a baby anytime you want without telling anyone, so it's not all bad news for the kids. And really, it's all about the kids ain't it?

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But aren't the youth of America also constrained if they want to get aspirin in school? Or comment on George Carlin and Lenny Bruce in the school paper? Makes me glad I'm well past them years (although my daughter doesn't believe me when I claim that we only had three private TV networks when i was growing up).

Posted by: Ontario Emperor on Dec. 31, 2005

With piercing gone, how are teenagers going to piss off their parents?

Posted by: Jake on Jan. 1, 2006

"On the other hand, you can still kill a baby anytime you want without telling anyone, so it's not all bad news for the kids. And really, it's all about the kids ain't it?"

You took the words out of my mouth (er, keyboard).

Happy New Year!

Posted by: Mark on Jan. 2, 2006


I think babies are like secret relationships:if you are having one and you can't tell anyone about it you shouldn't be having it. They never turn out well.

Posted by: Strawman on Jan. 2, 2006

Strawman, do you sit at home and try to invent ways to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that you have only a two-digit IQ? What is really amusing, though, is that you probably believe your comment was "smart" and that you were making some sort of point while displaying your brilliant sense of humor.

Memo to Strawman: Not smart and not funny. Just stupid, really.

Posted by: Blu on Jan. 2, 2006


Truly, I did not think it funny. Abortion is not funny. What's funny is the hypocrisy of people who would deny a women’s right to choose how her body is used. Their arguments, yours possibly as well, are always laced with meaningless rhetoric about the sanctity of all life, fetus's that that they non-ironically call babies, and yet, if they think their own skin is threatened they will look the other way while 100,000 die in the sands of Iraq. I don't get it, do you?

My comment, though glib, does say something important about the debate. Unwanted children are not treated fairly and have less chance at happiness than those conceived in love and cherished. And most importantly no fetus has ever been sad about being terminated. Just as all Iraqi's and American Gi's would prefer life to a failed experiment in Democracy and advanced oil policy foisted upon them by the criminals running America all women would prefer the choice to deliver a baby be their own.

Posted by: Strawman on Jan. 2, 2006

Blu: stop responding and maybe he'll just go away.

Annie, as to your piece, I am reminded about the great Maurice Chevalier piece in Gigi "I'm so glad, that I'm, not young...anymore."

Posted by: shelly on Jan. 2, 2006