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December 26, 2005

Nano Nano

i love my new Nano. It's the perfect size. If it were any smaller, you wouldn't have anything to hold on to. If it were any thinner, you might bend it. And it's so pretty, it's like a work of art. When it finally craps out i'm going to sell it on eBay for a profit. i wish i had kept my original Walkman, i could have made a few bucks off it.

Interestingly, i just got done listening to "Night Prowler," by AC/DC, which ends with the words "nano nano." How cool is that?

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I went snowshoeing with my Nano today, and I can testify that it works down to 15 degrees. Although you have to charge it more often at lower temperatures.

The Nano is a work of art.

Posted by: Jake on Dec. 26, 2005

Merry Christmas Annie,

I bought my wife and son Nano's. I would agree that they are terrific! (My family and the Nano's)

However that is not why I'm commenting... (I'm putting the comment here because I can't find a email button anywhere on the page, I figured it must be a linux/mozzilla thing with my system) Now that you are out of school and you have actual time on your hands, wouldn't it be appropriate for a little Jepordy action?


Posted by: Drake Steel on Dec. 26, 2005

My cousin got one for christmas, and WOW it was realy small. Too small for me, I am sure I would lose it or destroy it somehow. I also think that cell phones are mostly too damm small. Its like you have to have doll hands to use them.

Posted by: Kyle N on Dec. 27, 2005

Hooray for ipods!! :) My boyfriend suprised me for Christmas with a video one. I love it!

Posted by: Amy Bo Bamy on Dec. 27, 2005

"Nano Nano"?

An obscure Mork & Mindy (Robin Williams) reference?

Posted by: reagan80 on Dec. 27, 2005
I went snowshoeing with my Nano today, and I can testify that it works down to 15 degrees.

You must have really small feet!

Posted by: Jim Treacher on Dec. 27, 2005

Just to clarify, Mork said Nanu Nanu. In the alternative universe, Mark and Mandy was the TV show in which Mark said Nano Nano. And I thought it was a writing thingie.

Personally, I got an iPAQ for Christmas. Though I haven't found a use for Pocket Word yet.

Posted by: Ontario Emperor on Dec. 28, 2005

Am I the only one who thinks that Robin Williams is beyond tedious?

Posted by: Kyle N on Dec. 28, 2005

I plan to be the last person in the world with an ipod...or i-anything, to be honest...although my gf may give me a run for that honor.

I admit I admire Apple's design strategys, except for the one that they used on their 2-button mouse. Whoever thought of that hover-your-finger-and-press-the-whole-mouse-down idea needs to have his testicles, or her breasticles, run thru a wringer.

Posted by: Victor on Dec. 28, 2005

No, Kyle, you aren't the only one.

Robin Williams is a has-been like Jim Carrey and Jerry Lewis. Most people don't even find them funny anymore.

I loved how Williams got a chilly reception from the troops a couple years ago when he made a crack about Bush's IQ.

Posted by: reagan80 on Dec. 28, 2005

LMAO, i just got that joke, Treach!

Posted by: annika on Dec. 28, 2005