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December 21, 2005

We Love That Bas-ket-ball

After Kobe drops 62 on the Mavs in only three quarters, you gotta wonder if Wilt's record might be in danger. Wilt's 100 point game in 1962, for the Philadelphia Warriors, always seemed to me like a more unbreakable record than Hank's 755 or Maris' 61. Wilt's record survived all 3 Michael Jordan eras. But i think Kobe can, and should do it. Apparently, he took himself out of the game last night. If Kobe wanted to, against the right defense, he could get to 101. Unlike Wilt, Kobe is almost automatic at the line, and he's got the advantage of a three point shot that didn't exist in 1962. i'd love to see it happen.

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sure 101 is possible, it is the 20,000+ that he can't be broken.

Posted by: shug on Dec. 21, 2005

With all due respect to Kobe's athleticism, he also gets the benefit of more crap calls than any player in NBA history with the exception of Jordan (and including Shaq). He went to the line 25 times in three quareter last night. It was a freakin' joke. I actually appreciate his defense more than his offense. He is truly a great defender. BUT, he makes nobody better on offense. And he shoots his team out of more games than he does shoot them into victories. Look at his ratio to points scored to shots taken and then his shooting percentage. (Actually, last night, though, he shot well.)

The Lakers traded their best player.

Posted by: Blu on Dec. 21, 2005

i used to look at the box scores every day when Jordan was playing, and invariably he took more shots than anyone else in the league on any given night. i always complained about that, but i was a big Jordan hatah when i was a kid. Now, of course, i can't deny his greatness. But Kobe has another advantage that Jordan and Wilt did not have. Expansion has killed the NBA. Or rather, the dilution of talent caused by expansion has. Just imagine what a future hall of famer like Kobe could do if he put his mind to it.

Posted by: annika on Dec. 21, 2005

The thing about Kobe is that every couple of games he decides that rather than be the next MJ/Dr J he's going to be the next West/Magic and doesn't take enough shots.

Part of the reason that he "doesn't make those around him better" (which seems to be the big argument against him) is that the guys tend to stand around and watch him when he gets hot (much like they did with Wilt, Dr J, MJ, and a few others).

But yeah, I'd love to see him drop 100+ on somebody. Question is, is there someone else out there that could beat hiim to it?

Posted by: KG on Dec. 21, 2005

I don't think there is a better prospect to get a hundred for a couple of reason's. The biggest is that to score a hundred a person would have to get a ton of shots. So, he'd have to be the main guy on the team. But more than that his teammates would have to defer to him constantly, which only occurs when the drop-off between the #1 guy and the #2 and #3 guy is pretty dramatic. (See current version of the Lakers). Secondly, he'd have to get to the line a ton and shoot a high percentage, both of which Kobe can do because he is, perhaps, the best in the League at getting his shot and he is a very good free throw shooter. In addition, Kobe is an elite player and gets the benefit of nearly every close call, so he gets to the line consistently. Finally, even though I don't admire his style of play, the guy has a great ability to forget about his last shot----or his last five---if it (they) happen to be a miss(es).

Posted by: Blu on Dec. 21, 2005
Just imagine what a future hall of famer like Kobe could do.

We know. Just don't bend over the chair and let him do it.

Hemmorhoids suck!

Posted by: Radical Redneck on Dec. 21, 2005

I saw the game here in Dallas, and while the Mavs are growing on me, am still a Laker fan. That said, Kobe got a bunch of homer calls by the refs in that game, it was really a fucking joke. Still basketball rules, and Kobe is a unique talent. Wish they'd play Walton more...

Posted by: Scof on Dec. 21, 2005

Wilt's 100-point game is extremely impressive, but comes nowhere near close in my mind to "most unbreakable record in sports." I'm pretty damn near certain that'd be Johnny Vander Meer's 1938 back-to-back no-hitters. Three in a row? Um, since no one's ever thrown three in a whole season, I REALLY don't think so.

Posted by: Dave J on Dec. 21, 2005

Pro Basketball sucks. Wind the clock down to five minutes, give each team 70 or 80 points and throw out the ball.

Otherwise it is a wasted evening, or afternoon, or whatever.

You want to see basketball and have fun, wait for the March Madness. In the meantime, on January 3 and 4 you will see some good football and good coaching.

Posted by: shelly on Dec. 25, 2005

By the way, it is not often that you see two Heisman winners on the same field, let alone on the same side of the line, plus a couple of runners up (another one on the same side of the line).

So be sure and look on Wednesday evening, January 4 while the Horns get hooked.

Posted by: shelly on Dec. 25, 2005