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December 08, 2005

Sunday Morning On Thursday

Here's a quote worth thinking about:

Man nurtures the suspicion that God, at the end of the day, takes something away from his life, that God is a competitor who limits our freedom and that we will be fully human only when we will have set him aside . . . There emerges in us the suspicion that the person who doesn't sin at all is basically a boring person, that something is lacking in his life, the dramatic dimension of being autonomous, that the freedom to say 'no' belongs to real human beings.

Overcome the temptation of a mediocre life, made of compromises with evil.

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Rubric: Faith


Aristotle says that leading a good life gives you much more freedom than if you ignore all the rules.

A rule breaker spends all his time dealing with crises caused by his misdeeds. He has no freedom to do anything else.

Posted by: Jake on Dec. 8, 2005

I couldn't agree with this more.....great stuff. I just need to work on living up to that ideal a little more.

Posted by: Pursuit on Dec. 8, 2005