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December 02, 2005

Apprentice Blogging

My money is on Randall. He's a team player, who knows when to lead, and when to play the supporting role. His past mistakes have not stuck to him. The chick, on the other hand, will always be remembered for her ill-advised loyalty to that loser friend of hers in one of the earlier episodes. She's good, but can Trump expect that she'll never make another judgment call like that?

It seems this season can't end soon enough for Trump. He axed two last night. Anybody know if the show's been picked up for another season? i think Trump's getting bored with it, like the show is one of his ex-wives.

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Yeah season 5 has already been filmed and will air early 2006, and season 6 is already planned and will be filmed in LA (not NY!) and shown fall 2006.

Posted by: John on Dec. 15, 2005