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November 22, 2005

Shout Outs To The New Lawyers In The Blogosphere

Congratulations are also in order for Law Fairy, The Angry Clam, Chris Cross, and GirlGoneMil, who passed the California Bar Exam. And i should also mention that my roommate Megan is the smartest, sexiest and most relieved new lawyer in the Golden State. And on Saturday, she was the most hungover too.

i know it's bad form to mention it, but good luck to those of you who didn't pass. i know you'll get em next time.

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Congratulations to all of them.

Posted by: Mark on Nov. 22, 2005

You're making the assumption that the rest of us are going to take it again...

Posted by: KG on Nov. 22, 2005

Thanks so much annika! It feels as good as cold beer on a warm day, wrestling in a tub of jello, or well...you can come up with your own similes :-)

Posted by: Girlgonemil on Nov. 22, 2005

thanks, annika!

in true lawyer fashion, I've already switched from "ginormously indescribably relieved" to "now where the hell are my business cards??" :)

Posted by: The Law Fairy on Nov. 22, 2005

Welcome to the Dark Side. You fools . . .

Posted by: Matt on Nov. 23, 2005

OK kids, I want to tell you what my mentor told me when I passed the bar. He said "Are you a lawyer now?".

To which I replied "Yes, I passed the Bar Exam".

He said "No you're not, you are just a member of the Bar. Call me after you have put a witness on the stand, after preparing him for testimony for weeks, and he testified just the opposite of what you expected, and on the spot you've had to adjust to that and try to put your case back together. Then you can call yourself a lawyer."

It happened about six years later.

So I say to your pals, happy to have all you unguided missiles join us to pay your dues, work for starvation wages all days and nights and weekends, whilst we take the bows and the money, but wait a while 'til you call yourselves "lawyers" and just stick to "Member of the Bar" for a while.

Posted by: shelly on Nov. 25, 2005


Do you feel a little taller slamming people's achievements?

Posted by: Mark on Nov. 25, 2005

Nope, not slamming them, just giving them some honest reality check advice.

Anyone who survives the torture of a tough Bar exam is entitled to respect for their intellect and perseverence; law school is a arduous ordeal and six months or so of studying and relearning the material, then three days of testing and months of waiting for results are mind boggling.

But, having survived that experience often creates what I call unguided missiles, and the first few years can be painful experiences for young people who think they know it all, but get pantsed by old geezers who know all the tricks of the trade.

It is so painful that many leave the practice within five years of so to do something else with their education.

The practice of law is very competitive, and young lawyers need to understand that they are just beginning the process, not ending it by passing the Bar.

So I do congratulate and welcome all who have passed, but caution them to heed my words, as did I many years ago listen to my mentor.

I may be speaking at some of their swearing in's, seeing as Annie does attend a California School of Law and she was talking about the California Bar; I'll say the same thing there, if I do.

Posted by: shelly on Nov. 26, 2005