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November 14, 2005

MNF Pick, Week 10

What's the spread? i don't know. Oh well. Phillies vs. Cowboys. The Cowboys will win.

Update The Phillies are favored by three at game time. i stand by my prediction. Of course now that it's already 7 to nothing, i'm starting to second guess myself.

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Posted by: d-rod on Nov. 14, 2005

I need a favor: whenever the Seahawks play...um, anybody, pick them to lose, would ya? :D

Seriously, I picked the Eagles to lose, too. Who'da thunk it, eh?

Posted by: Stevin on Nov. 14, 2005

I'm sure that you're right, and anyone who thinks differently deserves exactly what they may get... NUTHIN'!

Posted by: Casca on Nov. 14, 2005

All your readers should be voting for you in this poll: http://aarons.cc/2005/11/11/deck-o-bloggers-2005-hearts-voting-open/

Posted by: dawn summers on Nov. 14, 2005

That's a sweet comment Dawn.

I don't care what Karol says about you anymore.

Posted by: d-rod on Nov. 14, 2005

Cowboys Come Back in Thriller
The Cowboys are dominated for much of the game, but they stun the Eagles with a late rally. Dallas strikes for touchdowns on both offense and defense in 25 seconds to steal a 21-20 road victory.

OK, Annie, the only mistake you made tonight was to doubt your own superiority and infallability.

Of course, it took and offensive and defensive TD in 25 seconds to make it a reality, but as we say...there are no pictures in the score book.

Posted by: shelly on Nov. 14, 2005

Well, they didn''t beat the pitiful spread.

Infallable? Not.

Posted by: d-rod on Nov. 14, 2005

I could not stay up long enough to watch the end. they start those things too late for the east coast and central time zones. Besides I have to get up at 5:00 every morning. Damm, I fell like such an old man at times.

Posted by: kyle on Nov. 15, 2005

d-rod, you stay out of football as well.

The Cowboys were an UNDERDOG.

As my grandson says, "Annika rules, d-rod drools".

Posted by: shelly on Nov. 15, 2005

Dang. okay, annika is awesome.

Posted by: d-rod on Nov. 15, 2005