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November 09, 2005

California Über Alles

Everything lost.

It's easy to blame the lying public employee unions, and to feel discouraged about the future of democracy. i do. But those feelings will pass, because i know the main reason Californians voted for the status quo yesterday.

Californians, like most of the country, are very pissed off at their government for various, often opposing, reasons. So when you have a bunch of propositions that are intended to improve things and change the status quo, but you introduce them into a climate of voter dissatisfaction, it's very hard to expect people to vote "yes" on anything. The "no" is their way of saying "we don't like things the way they are."

Remember, the recall election was itself a "no" vote.

Add to that, the legions of well-funded and motivated, goose-stepping union members who were certain to get out their own vote yesterday, and you see why the reform measures had no chance.

Oh, and San Francisco voted yesterday to invite gun-toting outlaws to visit the city, stay a while, and while they're there why not rape rob or kill a San Franciscan for added fun and profit.

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Okay now I'm confused. How is that not an infringement on SF citizens' constitutional (US) rights?

That really blows. I highly doubt that anyone who shouldn't be in possession of a firearm will actually turn it in.

Posted by: Amy Bo Bamy on Nov. 9, 2005

Like the sun after the rain, a better day will come.

Posted by: Casca on Nov. 9, 2005

I always thought the jokes and insults about the Golden State were just that. I'm realizing that its citizens have tossed all logic, all reason, all common sense out of the window.

Posted by: Orion Testaclese on Nov. 14, 2005