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October 05, 2005

Wednesday Is Poetry Day: More O'Hara

Typically Frank O'Hara. The setting for this poem starts out in bed and ends up in the street.


That's not a cross look it's a sign of life
but I'm glad you care how I look at you
this morning (after I got up) I was thinking
of President Warren G. Harding and Horace S.
Warren, father of the little blonde girl
across the street and another blonde Agnes
Hedlund (this was in the 6th grade!)        what

now the day has begun in a soft grey way
with elephantine traffic trudging along Fifth
and two packages of Camels in my pocket
I can't think of one interesting thing Warren
G. Harding did, I guess I was passing notes
to Sally and Agnes at the time he came up
in our elephantine history course everything

seems slow suddenly and boring except
for my insatiable thinking towards you
as you lie asleep completely plotzed and
gracious as a hillock in the mist from one
small window, sunless and only slightly open
as is your mouth and presently your quiet eyes
your breathing is like that history lesson

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Rubric: Poetry


Miers Haiku

Pro gun, life, and property
she has the republicans blowing big chuncks
liberals smile, wave and coo

Posted by: Kyle N on Oct. 5, 2005

Annika: Do try "What We Carry," poems by Dorianne Laux. Check out "The Thief" and "The Kiss."

The volume will never leave your bedside.

Best wishes,

a schmo in a choir

Posted by: THomas C. Wyld on Oct. 5, 2005