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October 03, 2005

MNF Pick, Week 4

Week 4? Is that right? i guess so. It seems like the season just started. But it's been going on long enough for one thing to be clear: both Green Bay and Carolina suck this year.

Carolina, at home, is favored by a big 7½ points. Will they cover? i been burned by Brett Favre and the Packers on Monday Night before, but i've also won too.

The Packers and 7½ points is too tempting to pass up. i'll go against conventional wisdom and say that Carolina will not cover. Bet Green Bay, take the points and laugh at the suckers later. ha-ha.

Update: i'm now 1 and 2.

Update 2: What? No "congratulations annika on your amazing prognosticative powers?" No "annika you're so awesome?" No "annika, we're sorry we ever doubted you?"

Posted by annika, Oct. 3, 2005 | TrackBack (0)
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I'd advise to re-evaluate your position. I admit I'm not a big football fan (football fields are a waste of a perfectly good short rifle range) but I have it on good authority (i.e. a redneck uncle - like I have any other kind? - who's been eating & breathing football since Garands were still standard issue) that the Panthers have a very strong team this year. Course he mumbles hastily "despite them getting their asses kicked so far" but I think it's a valid point; they have a lot more potential than they're showing & now would be the time they start to realize it.

Besides, a Carolina team defending their home (turf) against a bunch of Yankees? & this time we have decent shoes????

Wanna make a side bet? If the Panthers lose I'll devote a whole post to saying nice things about the AR rifle platform. If they win though send me a pic of you at the range that I can post first. Even a fully clothed pic will do as long as you're identifiable - & the firearm is too (my readers - both of them - are bitchy about that kinda thing).

No points - just a straight up win/lose outcome. Care to put your pic where your pick is? (damn, that just sounds wrong lol)

Posted by: Publicola on Oct. 3, 2005

Carolina will cover easy, the Pack is hellaisous bad right now. (thats a southern term you might not have heard before.)

BTW- check some of the lefty blogs right now, they have heads exploding all over the place.

Posted by: Kyle N on Oct. 3, 2005

LMAO, I'm laughing at the suckers right NOW!

Posted by: Casca on Oct. 3, 2005

BTW, do you understand now why he's avoided at cocktail parties?

Posted by: Casca on Oct. 3, 2005

suckers bet.


Posted by: annika on Oct. 3, 2005

Not to worry, there is value in knowing to compute the back azimuth.

Posted by: Casca on Oct. 3, 2005

32-13 in the fourth? What GB needs now is Joe Montana.

Posted by: annika on Oct. 3, 2005

Nope, just Pacman. They're coming back.

Posted by: Casca on Oct. 3, 2005

U always were a niners fan.

So let it be written, never miss a Monday night 4th quarter.

Posted by: Casca on Oct. 3, 2005

You losers need to stick with the Buckeyes and the Bears.

It's less comlex.

Posted by: shelly on Oct. 3, 2005

Man that old bastard gets feisty at night when his Geritol kicks in. Who am I talking about Shelly or Favre? Your guess is as good as mine.

Posted by: Casca on Oct. 3, 2005

I don't know about Geritol, but it looked like Favre slipped some Metamucil into the Panthers gatorade in the fourth quarter.

Posted by: Trevor on Oct. 4, 2005

Look at me, i'm



Carolina didn't cover!

Posted by: annika on Oct. 4, 2005


Now what's your call on the Cal v USC?

Posted by: Casca on Oct. 4, 2005

Even a blind rat cuts the cheese sometimes, annika. neener, neener

Posted by: Victor on Oct. 4, 2005

Cal v. USC? too early to tell. i liked what i saw last week against Arizona, but i'm not sure we've really seen the Bears tested yet.

Posted by: annika on Oct. 4, 2005

Hey Numbnuts:

Can OSU beat Penn State at home, or cover 3?

Not even me, the premier Cool-Aid drinker of SC football thinks it is worth betting SC -37 against a weak Arizona team.

Posted by: shelly on Oct. 4, 2005

Actually, they're rather sensitive. Now is that any way for an educated intelligent man to talk? Aw, that's right, nevermind.

I jumped on that 3 point spot already, cause I don't think that it is that close of a game at all. The Buckeyes have really developed offensively since settling on Smith at QB. They literally destroyed Iowa, allowing only 9yds rushing, while running over the Iowa line on offense.

Penn State showed they could stop Minnesota's one-dimensional run offense, and beat a shitty coach. They have a couple true freshman in the backfield on offense, and they haven't been welcomed to the big time yet. You know, like that up-the-gut hit on Leinart that took him out for a play last week. Three of PSU's wins are against punk teams too low to note, and the Northwestern game was a true squeaker where the best team lost.

I call it 27-17 Ohio State. (In my heart I think that it'll be bigger than that, but I'm trying to who restraint.) How much of my 3 pt money do you want? You are sitting on a boat in territorial waters while writing this aren't you?

As for USC v AZ? I'd take USC and give the pts. This is a blowout. 55-6. First qtr 21-0.

Cal v USC, too close to call. One never knows WHAT kind of team USC will show up with. (Bad coaching)

Posted by: Numbnuts on Oct. 4, 2005

We always know what kind of a team USC will show up with.

We just don't know exactly when they will show up.

Lately, it's been after the half time festivities; I am beginning to think they like being ripped to shreds by Pete Carroll, or maybe they just like to piss off Mike Garett, the luckiest man alive today, if he is really alive.

Look for Booty to play a lot against Arizona; that'll also keep the score down under 37 margin. Bet is not worth it this week.

I'll bet with my own offshore person, since I am in Aruba looking for Natalee. Somehow, I don't think she's actually here anymore, poor girl. She must have hitched a ride to Venezuela, like Joram says.

Posted by: shelly on Oct. 4, 2005

Mental declination, I meant UCLA v Cal, and UCLA is the ?.

Posted by: Casca on Oct. 4, 2005

Actually, playing the backups against AZ is even worse. They've got something to prove. I'd still give the pts and take the favorite.

Heh, arent' you supposed to be celebrating Rhoshashana or boomshakalaka or something like that? Isn't that all about trying to live a good life and be nice to people? Ooops, I forgot, you're a lawyer.

Posted by: Casca on Oct. 4, 2005

Yeah, that makes more sense. I actually went to UCLA as well, but root primarily for USC...I still like to see UCLA win except against SC.

Cal is infiniitely more dangerous in Strawberry Canyon; too close quarters and way too loud. UCLA is showing some talent, but as you say, the coaching sucks. Bet they never thought they'd wish for the good old days of Pepper Rogers and Terry Donahue.

Booty is primarily taking snaps and not throwing much. Timing issues, so I don't look for the subs to really run it up, plus, if there is weakness in depth, it is in the D. And, we've got a Santa Ana coming in and it is gonna be over 110 on the floor of the Coliseum.

I wouldn't lay the points this week; too many.

I found the Aruba OTB and bet a few shekels on the chance that you are right. Natalee wasn't there, either. Could Joram be telling the truth?

Me, I'm splitting for the deseret first thing Friday morning, so as for the game, (In the immortal words of Darryl F. Zanuck) "include me out".

Posted by: shelly on Oct. 4, 2005

"Could Joram be telling the truth?" Naaaaaaah!

Posted by: Casca on Oct. 4, 2005

Some salient facts, I've been browsing the NCAA defensive stats. OSU is #1 against the run, allowing only 41 yds a game, and 5th overall. The highest ranked PAC 10 team is Cal at 20 followed by Arizona (No not state) at 47 and USC at 50. One imagines that those last two will flip come next week. Notre Dame pops in at 92, just below Akron, yay Zips.

Posted by: Casca on Oct. 5, 2005

No one fropm Arizona is looking forward to this weekend in the Coliseum. But I suspect Carroll will not let them run rampant. Thirty seven points are a lot to run up in only one half.

It will be a laugher, but not by 37. Don't bet, or take the points.

Posted by: shelly on Oct. 5, 2005

I just remembered that a good friend told me last year that University Park, Pa. is a drinking town with a football problem.

Everyone wants Paterno to go, but he wants to die on the sidelines in the middle of a game.

Maybe the hidden offense can help him this week, that is, if they don't hide it too much.

Posted by: shelly on Oct. 7, 2005

LMAO, fuck you. It will be a tough game, but we're going to lay the woopass on them. As for JoPa is there any way to go but to drop in the harness? That would be my choice too.

Think about THIS... first incredible game of the year, Ohio State v Tejas. The second? Ohio State v Penn State.

Posted by: Casca on Oct. 7, 2005

Yeah, two incredible games, and OSU hid their fucking O both times.

This coach hides his O so effectively that NO ONE ever sees it.

Carroll, on the other hand, comes to play the second half, exclusively.

OSU is done; put a fork in them.

USC and the Horns in the Rose Bowl.

Take the Trojans and, by the way, don't bet them to cover against The Irish, either.

This is a team that can't get going early. I am thinking that Leinart doesn't want Booty to play much.

Casca, seppeku is an honorable way to go; I'll take the broadsword.

Posted by: shelly on Oct. 8, 2005

Yep, you'll take the broadsword... up the ying-yang!

Posted by: Casca on Oct. 9, 2005