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September 19, 2005

When A Blogger Feels Like She's Down For The Count


When a blogger feels like she's down for the count, she should:

a) pick herself up, dust herself off, start all over again;

b) finally edit and post that Kill Bill 2 symposium she's been sitting on for-fucking-ever;

c) recycle old posts;

d) realize that she'll never be quite so charming, funny and cynical all at the same time as her idols Ginger, Candace or Dawn, then give up;


e) two words: sex blogging.

Posted by annika, Sep. 19, 2005 | TrackBack (0)
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darling, you have always been all that and more. don't give up! then we'll be almost all gone! and really, when we think of our sadness at no longer living in the blogosphere, you are one of those we think of first. really.

in the meantime, my vote goes for kill bill 2, or gun stories.

Posted by: candy girl on Sep. 19, 2005

Well, that makes it 1 to about 200 for sex blogging (with pictures).

Whatever you do, forget about picking football; it is definitely not your thing.

Posted by: shelly on Sep. 19, 2005

Vintage boxing photos like that will keep me coming here. :D

Posted by: Chris on Sep. 20, 2005

Only Democrats quit when they're down.

Posted by: Victor on Sep. 20, 2005

pick self up and start blogging again.

+1 only demonrats quit when they are down.

keep pluggin along something will click.


Posted by: r on Sep. 20, 2005

Do what you have always been doing.

I have always been impressed with your breath of your knowledge and interests. And that has brought me to your blog often.

Please keep giving us pleasant surprises.

Posted by: Jake on Sep. 20, 2005


Your usual alacrity is not necessary; I would read a shopping list posted on your site, and be sufficiently entertained. Please keep blogging and know you have die-hard fans.

Mark W

Posted by: Mark W on Sep. 20, 2005

f) Realize that she's already as charming, funny and cynical all at the same time as her idols, and keep on truckin'. Take a break to recharge batteries if necessary.

[I had a really bad pun here about getting the readership up, but I've decided against it. Sort of.]

Posted by: Matt on Sep. 20, 2005

Hey is it time for another Annika Jepordy??? (that is once you get some new batteries or your batteries recharged or whatever the current holdup is...) After all I almost got one of the last ones right.

Posted by: Drake Steel on Sep. 20, 2005

Nice one Shelly. Kick the girl when she's down. If anything we need MORE football. I live for the weekend just around the corner when the clay feet of the Trojans will be exposed.

Yes, we need more boob shots.

Posted by: Casca on Sep. 20, 2005

Your breasts of knowledge have kept me coming often. Please keep it up.

Posted by: d-rod on Sep. 20, 2005

Write about anything... and don't worry about going through a dry patch. All bloggers do. I just blither on about my injuries until I feel suitably inspired.

You are witty and charming and playful. You were the first person to comment on my blog two years ago, and the first person I linked to.

And if you do do sex blogging...

Posted by: Hugo on Sep. 20, 2005

Miss Annika,
Write about whatever you wish, as often or as seldom as you wish. Don't worry about us; if you have fun writing that's all that really matters.

One thing though; if you can blog while having sex then we really need to get you some more creative (& physically active) partners. :)

Posted by: Publicola on Sep. 20, 2005

Is Heather in the Cotillion? She pulls down about $5 million a year: [deleted]

Posted by: Casca on Sep. 20, 2005

Just find something new to obsess about, like the upcomeing Serenity movie and the show that spawned it, Firefly.....I'm just saying.....
Seriously, that's my current obsession so you should feel free to pick your own. We will follow you down whatever strange or dark path you choose.

Posted by: TBinSTL on Sep. 20, 2005

I LOVE it when I'm censored! Who knew that you'd draw the line at linking to Heather Brooke's very tasteful website?

Posted by: Casca on Sep. 20, 2005

i can't allow any links to someone with bigger tits than me.

Posted by: annika on Sep. 21, 2005

"Tasteful" get it?

Don't worry, she got them out of a box.

Posted by: Casca on Sep. 21, 2005

Um.... I'm new here, is this something we get to vote on?

Posted by: Mr. Snitch on Sep. 22, 2005

I obviously missed something. Slump? No slump is forever.

As Chuang-tzu said, "When the dick flaps in one direction, it must eventually flap in the other."


Posted by: Kevin Kim on Sep. 24, 2005

I checked out Heather Brooke's site - great, now I have another stretched out pear of underwear.

Posted by: Radical Redneck on Sep. 24, 2005


There IS something to be said for sex blogging. Remember that bit I posted about the effects of semen on women's happiness that you linked to? I'm STILL getting hits on that post via your link, months later. :D

So...make of it what you will.

Posted by: Desert Cat on Sep. 24, 2005

that makes me happy.
: )

Posted by: annika on Sep. 25, 2005

What kinds of comments are these?

Posted by: www.free sex stories on Nov. 12, 2005