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July 29, 2005

Jeopardy With annika, Round 15

The category is "Military History," for $200. Victor is in the lead with $1100, Casca has $900, Phil has $500, Skippy has $400, Jasen has $300, and D-Rod has $200.

You will note that since i am so nice, i haven't been penalizing anybody for wrong guesses as they do in the real Jeopardy. There are also two hidden Daily Doubles left, so get in the game if you haven't already.


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Rubric: Dumb-Ass Quizzes


BRONK (sorry, my buzzer's been eating beans)

What is:
"That fought with us upon Saint Crispin's day" [at the Battle of Agincourt]

Posted by: ken on Jul. 29, 2005

the judges have ruled. the answer we were looking for was "Agincourt" or "the battle of Agincourt." So Yay Ken! You have control.

Posted by: annika trebek on Jul. 29, 2005

Profanity for 200 please.

Posted by: ken on Jul. 29, 2005

Profanity! Jeopardy answer:

This seven-letter French noun beginning with "p" is a slang term for the clitoris!

Et oui.


PS: A, your comments function never remembers my personal info! What giveth?

Posted by: Kevin Kim on Jul. 30, 2005


Posted by: Kyle on Jul. 30, 2005

DING What is poonani?

Posted by: Kyle on Jul. 30, 2005


What is pootain?

Posted by: Monty on Jul. 30, 2005

Sheesh, it's "Poontang".

Posted by: Casca on Jul. 30, 2005

Yah it never remembers my personal info either.

it's not a problem though. it's an opportunity, to practice my typing skills.

Posted by: annika on Jul. 30, 2005


*What is the Playboy Mansion?*

Am I too late?

Posted by: gcotharn on Jul. 30, 2005


What is pee pee?

Posted by: Mark on Jul. 30, 2005

It's "la PRALINE."

Mmmm... yummy.

(Or in Europe: ...yummi?)


Posted by: Kevin Kim on Jul. 30, 2005