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July 21, 2005

London Deja Vu

Good coverage over at Anubis.

No casualties, thankfully.

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The whole thing is very odd. Amateurish copycats?

Posted by: Hugo on Jul. 21, 2005

I would certainly be freaked out, with two major events in two weeks.

(Off topic, but I requested your wisdom over at my blog today...)

Posted by: Sarah on Jul. 21, 2005

Good coverage? That was GREAT coverage! Better than we got on the radio in Southern California. After trumpeting that they were going to cover Tony Blair live, KFI broadcast maybe two minutes of it. I switched to KNX, which broadcast maybe another minute or so. I figured I'd try KVCR, the San Bernardino NPR affiliate, but they were prattling on about something else.

It was good to see the UK and Australia participating in a joint conference. If nothing else, this reminds the world that this is not just a war against the US.

Posted by: Ontario Emperor on Jul. 21, 2005