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June 27, 2005

A Lovely Left Blogger

i wanted to see what bloggers were saying about the death of 58 year old Wal-Mart heir and Silver Star awardee, John Walton. He died in Wyoming today, when his experimental ultra-light crashed.

i looked up "John Walton" on Technorati and saw a pretty disgusting LiveJournal entry by a "blogger" (LJ blogs aren't real blogs, as you all know.) whom i won't link to. This ignorant bitch requires registration to read her drivel, so i couldn't read the whole entry. But the Technorati robot pulled this quote, which was quite enough:

The 11th richest asshole in the world ($18 billion) was killed in some kind of plane crash in Wyomning. John Walton (of Walmart), 53, is plunging towards the bowels of hell at this very moment.
John Walton, was more than just the world's eleventh richest man. He was a Green Beret medic in Vietnam, who received his Silver Star "for helping save the lives of several members of his unit while under intense enemy fire." i wonder if that LiveJournal bitch was aware of that.

Like most Americans with his kind of wealth, Mr. Walton was known as a philanthropist. The foundation he ran donated over 700 million dollars to education related causes over the last six years. i wonder how much LiveJournal bitch has contributed to charity.

Oh annika, you don't understand; the Waltons are rich, conservative, anti-union and Christian, so that makes them the embodiment of evil.

[As i continue to bang my head against the wall.]

Update: Zombyboy plumbs the depths of depravity known as the Democratic Underground, where many comments are in a similar, bigoted and hateful vein.

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While you and I, and no doubt Mr. Walton's fellow soldiers, may be impressed and thankful for his courageous service, the left would view it as just further evidence that he was a "killer".

Posted by: Pursuit on Jun. 28, 2005

annie, stop banging your head on the wall; I find it better to mutter, "Tut, tut," while shaking my head ruefully. It's less painful, doesn't leave scars, and is just as effective in dealing with those who do not see.

Posted by: Victor on Jun. 28, 2005

yes, pursuit, but medics are non-combatants! for pete's sake.

Posted by: annika on Jun. 28, 2005

Ah, but he was saving the lives of killers!

Posted by: Pursuit on Jun. 28, 2005

Ms. Annie...

You might want to check with Matt over at Blackfive but I don't think Special Forces medics are noncombatants...

Posted by: davek on Jun. 28, 2005

Yes, it seems that John Walton committed the biggest crime against humanity, he had money. It's a shame, I am sure. It's too bad that he isn't as talented as Micheal Moore because he is such a positive role model for society. He has money, but he is all about helping out the poor - right? I'm sorry, I am digressing.

Actually you are spot on. The LJ'er couldn't be bothered about finding out the actual truth about the man. All she needed to know was that he had money. But it's odd, I doubt that she will ever say anything nasty about all those celeBRATies who have all that money...

Posted by: ethne on Jun. 28, 2005

Since when do idiots permit facts, reason, and logic to get in their way?

And talking ill about a man who died a day prior in a PLANE CRASH -- how classy can you get?

Posted by: Mark on Jun. 28, 2005

sure - she/it was way to busy hating the man for being successful to actually research what he was all about ... and being a proud member of the lower 49%.


Posted by: TJ on Jun. 28, 2005

take victor's advice.

i wonder if this guy was the guy/father that got into that naming fiasco at the u of mizzou a couple years ago.
although i don't condemn the rich, i do wonder out loud sometimes how people that are as dumb as dirt, read as THK, can fall into a pile of shit and come out smelling like a lincoln rose.
trust fund babies.

Posted by: louielouie on Jun. 28, 2005

It makes me so sick that someone could make that kind of statement. Disgusting.

Posted by: ginger on Jun. 28, 2005


Thank you for the additional information about John Walton. It gives us information on the kind of man he was.

It is wrong that some people assume because a person has a lot of money, that person is a jerk.
Appears to me to be just the opposite.

Again, thank you.

Posted by: N Diane on Jun. 28, 2005

Don't hurt your head! Its such a pretty head. And filled with Civil War knowledge....

Posted by: gcotharn on Jun. 28, 2005

i'm new to this site. it's so much fun to see passive-aggressive right-wingers pat each other on the back! it's almost so obvious that we shouldn't speak ill of this man who died the other day that you all shouldn't have to reassure yourselves so much. almost. it's great to watch though, you all took that one disgusting comment from some clueless webmonger and used it not only to defend something that hadn't been attacked (the monied class, or whatever) but to attack the imaginary attackers. you rightwingers have used this imaginary-attacker-siege-mentality to great effect recently, mostly defending yourselves from the phantom "attacks" by the left on things like marriage (gasp! gay marriage will kill america!) and religion (gasp! we're under fire because everyone doesn't agree with us!). don't you realize that defending something that hasn't been attacked makes you seem weak? anyway. i look forward to your snarky, passive-aggressive pile-on of responses. it'll be funny to see what happens when you aren't in the majority anymore and you have to figure out what you're really about again. endless power and enlargement of government aren't exactly bedrock republican principles, but you seem to have made an exception for bush.

by the way, however full of shit that LJ bitch was, the reason some reasonable people don't like wal-mart is that it has put small businesses out of business and basically shuttered whole regions of the country. in the red states mostly. where's the outcry.

now answer a question i didnt ask, defend against something that wasn't attacked, and spew the party line! it's fun and simple!

Posted by: eric on Jun. 30, 2005

how about i just fucking ignore you?

Posted by: annika on Jun. 30, 2005

well you're enlightened and that's what bush wants so enjoy. :) so much anger.

Posted by: eric on Jun. 30, 2005

Here's the accusation:

(Take a) comment from some clueless webmonger and use...it not only to defend something that hadn't been attacked...but to attack the imaginary attackers.

And here's the accuser doing that very thing:

don't you realize that defending something that hasn't been attacked makes you seem weak? anyway. i look forward to your snarky, passive-aggressive pile-on of responses.


Posted by: Desert Cat on Jun. 30, 2005