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June 27, 2005

There's Only One Thing To Do...

...repeal the Establishment Clause.


Okay, maybe just Marbury, then.

Read Justice Scalia's dissent in McCreary County v. A.C.L.U., starting at screen page 39. It's too long to excerpt here, while i'm supposed to be working, but it is beautiful and worth the effort to read.

Posted by annika, Jun. 27, 2005 |
Rubric: Legal Mumbo Jumbo


In regard to the Establishment Clause, the High Court proves to be consistently inconsistent.

How can average Americans be able to even discuss the Establishment Clause when the top judges in the land are as confused as drunkards riding the Tilt a Whirl?

Posted by: Mark on Jun. 27, 2005

this scalia guy is sharp.
i wonder if he and justice stevens will be sharing drinks this evening.
thanks annie for the source. an interesting read.
i guess he didn't want to accentuate the protestant aspect of religion in pointing out that the first congress consisted of 24 ordained or in-training ministers.

Posted by: louielouie on Jun. 28, 2005