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June 14, 2005

KCRA 3 News Is On The Side Of The Enemy

Direct quote at the end of the six o'clock newscast:

"Coming up at eleven, more complaints from the muslim community about how the FBI is treating muslim residents of Lodi."

What about the fact that certain members of that very community were PLANNING TO BLOW UP SUPERMARKETS AND HOSPITALS?!?!?!?!

Might that possibly be news too? Worthy of coverage? Huh? Anybody?

Posted by annika, Jun. 14, 2005 |
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I'm so tired of these muslim community people, spending more time complaining about imagined mistreatment. Could they maybe take a little time to give us a head's up on those in their communities that may be planning this stuff? Really, I don't want to make them break a sweat or anything, but a little effort here would be appreciated people.

Posted by: Pursuit on Jun. 14, 2005


Regarding this post, I believe your latest bumper stick is the best summary.

Posted by: Mark on Jun. 14, 2005

i think it would be a good assignment, for someone from this news station to report on how many of them (who are them?, YES) have immigrated to this country, and how many native born americans have immigrated to their country.
not counting ARAMCO.

Posted by: louielouie on Jun. 15, 2005