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May 31, 2005

Spectacular Birds Of California

This weekend i went hiking in the Sierras. The weather was great and we were in a park that i had not ever been to before. i also saw a spectacular bird up close, but i wasn't quick enough with the camera and she flew away. The bird was Cyanocitta stelleri, commonly known as Stellar's Jay.

Living in urban environments, as i have for the last bunch of years, i don't get the chance to see that many non-boring birds. But up here in the Sacramento area, you really can't avoid seeing some really cool looking birds. In the last year i've seen wild turkeys, snowy egrets, yellow billed magpies and a great blue heron (which is always an awesome sight).

i have a strange ambition. Someday i would like to see in the wild the following birds: a tufted puffin, a magnificent frigate bird, a penguin, and a California condor. Condors are extremely rare, but shouldn't be hard to find. They only live in the L.A. area. If i ever get to see the other birds it will mean i have travelled to Newfoundland, the southern tip of South America and Baja California, three places i've never been.

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You've never been to Cabo??? Anyways, you should definitely add Troguns to your list as well! It's always entertaining to watch woodpeckers pounding holes in multi-mil Lakefront Tahoe estates too.

Posted by: d-rod on May. 31, 2005

Cyanocitta stelleri?

OK, now you are showing off.

Posted by: Jake on Jun. 1, 2005

You know, South America isn't the only place that has penguins.

(I'm talkin' about the zoo, kids, but if she wants to travel to Antarctica, I ain't stoppin' her.)

Posted by: Victor on Jun. 1, 2005

An island near Melborne, Australia is the home of the worlds smallest penguins (as well as Koalas). Tourist hordes gather every night at sunset to watch masses of them running across the beach to get to their nests in the hills. The whole scene is hilarious. Lots of other unusual birdies and parrots too - even regular old seagulls in Oz have different color eyes (red).

Posted by: d-rod on Jun. 1, 2005

Steller's Jay has darker underparts than the similarly crested Blue Jay.

hhmmmmmmmmmmm, so that's what this is all about.

and she flew away

how'd ya no it was a she?

Posted by: louielouie on Jun. 1, 2005

Spelling s/b Trogon on my first comment. I didn't know some are found in Arizona. We snuck up by canoe on a tree full of them in the jungles of Tortaguerro.

Posted by: d-rod on Jun. 1, 2005