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May 12, 2005

Just Curious

i'm perplexed.

How can Voinovich justify his opposition to Bolton by saying Bolton lacks "common decency" on the one hand -- then say he's met Bolton, likes Bolton, and that he believes Bolton is a "decent" man?

Just curious.

Posted by annika, May. 12, 2005 |
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in what regard are you perplexed, annie?
the guy has shit for brains.

Posted by: louielouie on May. 12, 2005

Ahh to be a politician. Wish I could talk out of my ass and say two different things and not get fired!

Posted by: Joe From Jersey on May. 12, 2005

Voinovich is a joke - an embarrassment to Ohio.

This is one of two things:

1) The politician trick(perfected by Clinton) of agreeing with both sides of an issue, or

2) An addiction to the spotlight - at the cost of principles.

Voinovich is a laughingstock.

Posted by: gcotharn on May. 12, 2005

Voinovich is this year's Jim Jeffords... an inconsequential politician who figured out a way to make it look like he can make a difference.

Posted by: ken on May. 12, 2005

Well, as certainly the only reader of this blog who has spent time with the Senator, I'll say this. I was thinking about his motivations during my hour long bike ride today. Voino is a master of triangulation, downstate R's with northeastern conservative union thug D's are his formula in OH. He's unbeatable in a general, and damned hard to knock out in a primary. His ambition knows no bounds, and this is the beginning of his play for '08. This is his only shot, and he knows it. He's trying to out-McCain, McCain. The tricky thing is that he IS an honest to goodness social conservative... I think. Fiscally, he spent like a drunken sailor as Gov. Thank God Senators have a shitty trackrecord running for Prez.

Posted by: Casca on May. 12, 2005

Him running for prez? I won't vote for anybody with no backbone, This list includes Bush I (second term), Pataki... He should just forget being president and try being a man.

Posted by: Mark on May. 13, 2005

Old trick--insult man's principles, but not the man. Voinovich is a sloppy politician--most guys are careful not to use the same word when you use its opposite.

Reminds me of the company that fired their lawyer because the lawyer explained he was "too busy" to make sure he was spelling the client's name correctly.

Posted by: Victor on May. 13, 2005

George is an old political whore, and he knows who his customers are. Amongst the Bob Dole wing of the party, I'm sure that he's a darling.

Posted by: Casca on May. 13, 2005

Social conservative and fiscal liberal?! Worst of both worlds. Voinovich can take that "triangle-a-tion" right up the backside.

Posted by: gcotharn on May. 14, 2005

Well, at least he showed his opportunistic demogogue bona fides by correcting himself on two different occassions unlike the moonbat Dan Blather. "Oh, I think you can lie about any of a number of things and still be an honest man."

Posted by: Tuning Spork on May. 14, 2005

Things happen when you come up against a sitting President and try to match wills with him. Especially one of your party.

One has to assume that Karl Rove and George had a "come to Jesus" conversation, and George came back just enough to allow him to keep some dignity and still let this go forward.

He can vote against him on the florr, they don't care. Bush was not about to take a loss from a Senator standing for re-election.

It doesn't take a brain surgeon to know what Karl said.

Boy Genius does not play softball.

Posted by: shelly on May. 14, 2005

This senator is keeping America free
Rove's come to Jesus meetings with BUSH BABY scare the hell out of me...the BUSH BABY"s family and friends are destroying America as we know it.....Bill Frist for Anti-Christ in '08!

Posted by: John on May. 16, 2005