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May 01, 2005

Right Wing News Favorite Columnists

Right Wing News has a new poll of bloggers' favorite columnists. i participated, and my list included:

Ann Coulter
Charles Krauthammer
Dick Morris
John Podhoretz
Victor Davis Hanson
Jonah Goldberg
Peggy Noonan
Rich Lowry

The winner was Mark Steyn, deservedly, even though i forgot to put him on my list.

Posted by annika, May. 1, 2005 |
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Ya fricken Communist! Where's William F. Buckley on that list!!?

Posted by: Casca on May. 2, 2005

That you didn't include Michelle Malkin is to your very great credit.

Posted by: Hugo on May. 2, 2005

buckley made John's list. And Michelle's on my blogroll, because i think of her more as a blogger now than a columnist.

Posted by: annie on May. 2, 2005

Compliment withdrawn, Annie. ;-)

Posted by: Hugo on May. 2, 2005

shut up hugo you fag

Posted by: mh on May. 2, 2005


I am sorry to say this, but you are spending too much time at law school or something else.

You've lost the cutting edge.

Take two weeks off, catch up with your studies and come back and excite us a little.

Sorry, but we all care about you and if I didn't, I would just let it go.

Come back with an intense look at the Frist Nuclear Option, or the DeLay inquiry, or the First Lady's comedy.

Leave the torts, TARM and res ipsa loquitor behind.

Posted by: shelly on May. 2, 2005

Ranking Buckley 20th in that crowd would be like ranking Ty Cobb 20th on the list of all-time greats at Cooperstown. The rest of those people wouldn't even be there without him. Each of them made their game.

Posted by: Casca on May. 2, 2005

i did have a filibuster post in the queue, but Tigerhawk stole my thunder. i found it via Instapundit. He says:

"If you are going to filibuster, then you should have to filibuster. Filibusters should come at some personal and political cost. We should abolish the candy-ass filibusters of modern times, and require that if debate is not closed it must therefore happen.

The prospect of John Kerry, Hillary Clinton or Ted Kennedy bloviating for hours on C-SPAN would deter filibusters except when the stakes are dire, if for no other reason than the risk that long debate would create a huge amount of fodder for negative advertising. If Frist were to enact the "reform" of the filibuster instead of its repeal, he would sieze the high ground. He could take the position that the Republicans are merely rolling back the "worst excesses" of the long period of Democratic majority in the Congress, and that filibusters will still be possible if Senators are willing to lay it all on the line."

Posted by: annie on May. 2, 2005

Not to troll blatantly for readers, but I've posted on Frist (lazy, idiot is the general theme) and Social Security recently.

As for the collumnists, I can't begin to understand what Morris is doing up there. He is not a conservative, he is an opportunist. He is also frequently wrong by 180 degrees in his predictions.

Posted by: Pursuit on May. 3, 2005