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April 14, 2005

Apprentice Blogging

By far the best Apprentice episode of this season. It had everything: drama, tears, comedy, sex. Well maybe not sex, but Tana and Craig did sleep in the same room together, while Kendra was having orgasms over her brochure design.

Oh and by the way, i was blogging about the Solstice over a year ago. And i think the picture i took would have looked great on Net Worth's brochure. At least mine was in focus.

Posted by annika, Apr. 14, 2005 |
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It´s just not the same watching the Apprentice in Spanish (in Costa Rica) but their was sex. Well, maybe not on that channel.

Posted by: d-rod on Apr. 15, 2005

I'm glad that guy got fired. I was waiting for him to stab someone...since he's obviously crazy.

He was arrested last week too, I saw it on smoking gun.

Posted by: Paul on Apr. 15, 2005

Well they other guy on net worth, with the glasses, he's no good either. Kinda rooting for Tana, just cuz she's a character, but don't really like any of the ones that are left.

Posted by: Scof on Apr. 16, 2005

mornin' dar... hope alls good... love the post on britney got me laughing.. heee.... TK

Posted by: maizzy on Apr. 18, 2005